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[008] LBX General

-LBX General appeared from [Cardboard Battle Plane]!

-Includes archer rifle hand parts as basic equipment. The grip of the rifle can be bent, enabling various poses.
-Special machine for Yaiji Eiji appearing in anime

* Archer rifle

[Item content]
Molded articles x 4

* Foil seal x 1
Instruction manual x 1


[Patlabor] 1/35 MG AV-98 Ingram 3

Series : PatlaborScale : 1/35Grade : Master Grade
I have wanted an accurate kit of the mechs from Patlabor from the first time I saw the series. Bandai finally delivers the first really accurate Patlabor kits in their second series of Master Grade kits outside the Gundam Universe. The results of course are incredible with all the bells and whistles we expect from a MG kit. Detailed cockpit with lifting chest armor to see the detail. Both standing and seated pilot figures. Weapons set of baton, long baton, shotgun and revolver (the revolver actually is stored in the right leg just like the "real" one). Three sets of interchangeable hands for different poses and weapons. And of course, like all Master Grade kits, it snaps together and is pre-colored, although painting will definitely improve the finished results. The center section of the instruction book is a complete painting guide with color mixtures. Front section is a history of the labors (all text in Japanese) with line drawings. And the final bonus is that it is in 1/35 military scale so that building dioramas and adding details is much easier. A real treat for fans of Patlabor and mecha in general.

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Evangelion-00 New Movie Ver.

The prototype Evangelion Unit-00 piloted by Rei Ayanami is here as a Bandai model kit! The spear and pallet rifle seen in the movie are included, so you can recreate any pose that you'd like!
  • Parts seamless arm joints by a rotary joint is covered with a soft resin parts.
  • The mechanism for providing the hollow portion removing excess intra-articular part, the interference with the movable molding
  • Structure is adopted to mitigate.
  • A variety of expressional umbilical cable that comes with the core material has entered, the combined body and pose
  • Possible.
  • Weapons - The Spear of Longinus and pallet rifle that appeared in the TV series are included.

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[007] Evangelion EVA-01 Test Type launch pad Ver.

  • Shinji in uniform and Yui are included

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Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance Evangelion-02

Eva-02 unit from the 2nd Evangelion Rebuild film is getting its own model kit release from Bandai! This model will feature the full possibility you've seen in the films and will be cast in the distinctive red. Skeleton is made encased in pliable material to replicate the suit like material the Eva is housed in. Weapons and accessories include Pallet Gun, Thunder Speak, Progressive Knife, crossbow, and flight pack.

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[Pokemon] Plastic Model Collection Select No.21 Series Kyurem

This simple snap-fit plastic kit set allows modelers to build a slightly articulated Kyurem. All parts come molded in color and a sheet of stickers is provided for detail so no painting is required. A display base with stand is included. Includes exploded-view pictorial-type instructions, with notes in Japanese.


[Dragon Ball] Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku (New Box art design)

-The strongest warrior, Super Saiyan 4 Son Goku has renewed the package!

-Build the ultimate body with the power of a great monkey with the muscle build system!
-The characteristic red body hair and the edges around the eyes are faithfully reproduced with the part molding colors!
-[Regular] and [Anger] are included as facial parts!
-Adopting a drawer structure at the elbow joint and a structure that can swing left and right at the waist part, it achieves amazing range of motion! Achieve a fusion pose without replacing the waist. Combine with [Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta] (sold separately) to determine the fusion!
-Overall height is about 180mm.

* Kamehameha (pump) effect parts x 1
* Kamehameha (release) effect parts x 1
* Effect stand x1, replacement expression parts (anger) x1
Replacement wrist parts (span) x left and right 1 each
Replacement wrist parts (fusion) x left and right 1 each

[Product Contents]
* Molded product x 7
* Assembly manual x 1
* Seal x 1

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Figure-rise Standard Asuna

-The main heroine [Asuna] appears from [Sword Art Online]!

-Part of hair is molded with new material. The hair that can be moved by dividing the parts is designed not to hinder posing.
-The thigh has a two-layer structure with a strong reddish part inside the part, pursuing a natural skin texture.
-Stretching, twisting, bending, etc., it is possible to reproduce natural movements by joint gimmick like a real human body.
-In addition to [Normal face], 3 types of [Scream face] and [Anger face] are included. You can enjoy facial expressions that match your posing.
-Representation of swords and swords with replacement of heel parts. 5 types of hand parts are included, 3 types for right hand and 2 types for left hand.

・ Facial expression parts x 3
・ Hand parts: right hand x 3 types, left hand x 2 types
・ Lanvent light x 1 set
・ Water transfer decal x 1
・ Seal x 1

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[Pokemon] Plastic Model Collection Select No.27 Series Black Kyurem

Copyright Nintendo - Creatures - GAME FREAK - TV TOKYO - ShoPro - JR Kikaku
See Pokemon Plastic Model Collection Kyurem (Plastic model) also.
See Pokemon Plastic Model Collection White Kyurem (Plastic model) also.
See Pokemon Plastic Model Collection Zekrom (Plastic model) also.
Copyright Nintendo - Creatures - GAME FREAK - TV TOKYO - ShoPro - JR Kikaku
*The product package design may change without notice.

- Accessories: clear pedestal only


[Fate Grand Order] 08 Petitrits Saber/Altria Pendragon

Release Date : August 2020
Estimate Delivery : September 2020

- From [Fate / Grand Order], Knight King Altria Pendragon is joining the Petit Ritz series!
- Simple parts configuration makes it easy for beginners to assemble. Details are also reproduced in detail.
- Although it is a three-headed body, it is a cute deformation without losing the impression while keeping the character\'s characteristic silhouette line.
- The upper body can be moved to create different poses without compromising posability.
- [Excalibur] and [Crown] and [Cloak] added by the Second Coming of the Spirit are removable.
- A dedicated pedestal is included, which is an image of [treasures production].

[Accessories included]
- Excalibur ? 1
- Crown x1
- Cape x 1
- Pedestal ? 1
- Foil seal x 1
- Kainas seal x 1


[The Tale of Shinto] - Oda Nana

The Tale of Shinto is an orginal Plastic Model Kit series featuring 1/10.5 scale armored girls.
As the second release of this series, Nana Oda, a young lady from the Oda Group, who is wearing a samurai style armor and wielding a huge katana called Sakagari no Tachi, which is said to possess divine power and has been inherited from generation to generation.

[Box content]
  • 4 face plate
  • This set contains 2 figure bodies around 10.5CM tall (a normal body and an armored body).
  • Also there are hair parts of two colors, red and black.
  • weapons - Samurai style Sword & Huge Katana [Sakagari no Tachi]
  • water decal
  • Action base included

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Best Hit Chronicle 1/1 Cup Noodle (Plastic model)

This is an injection molded kit of an item that does not appear elsewhere in our catalog.

Heres one Cup Noodle that wont be ready in just three minutes! Bandai subjected a real Cup Noodle to 3D scanning to realistically reproduce the dense, intricate noodle mass inside that familiar styrofoam cup, and the egg bits, shrimp and mysterious meat (yes, thats what Bandai calls it!) were also 3D scanned and are precisely designed as individual parts. The green onion flakes are cut out of vinyl material, and you can add them as you like. The Cup Noodle logo and designs on the cup are separated by color for a multi-layered structure and an incredibly accurate appearance. The molded-in caution notes, ingredient notes, allergy notes, and preparation instructions are all there, too. A sticker for recreating the lid is also included, and it can be attached and removed as you like; a lid stop sticker is also included. Assemble and display this iconic piece of Japanese culture with pride -- order yours now !

  • Runner (x14)
  • Lid seal
  • Kainasu seal
  • Vinyl material for green onions
  • Instructions


[Ultraman] S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Tregear [Exclusive Item]

S.H.Figuarts Ultraman Tregear Tamashii Web Shop-limited item 

Product Specifications

- Height: about 150mm

- Material: ABS, PVC

Set Contents

- Body

- Replacement wrist left and right each 4 types

- Torera Artigaiser Ray Effect Parts (for Tregear)

- Strium Blaster Ray Effect Parts (for Taiga)

Release Date: May 2020

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HG 1/144 Getter Dragon (Infinitism)

- From [Getter Robo G], the getter dragon redesigned by mechanical designer Takayuki Yanase has appeared as the third [INFINITISM]!
- We are particular about molding color and propose specifications that can be satisfied simply by assembling.
- A variety of poses can be produced by adopting many movable shafts not only on the main body but also on the Mach wing.
- Equipped with a plastic model original gimmick that can combine part of the Mach Wing with the Long Tomahawk.
- Includes display base. It can be displayed in flight using the special joint parts.

[Accessories included]
- Getter Tomahawk x 2
- Long Tomahawk reproduction parts x 1 set
- Hand parts x 6 (weapon holding hands left and right, gripping hands left and right hand sword hand right, open hand right)
- Foil seal x 1
- Display base x 1

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RG Multipurpose Humanoid Decisive Weapon, Artificial Human Evangelion Production Model-02

- Eva No. 2 has appeared as the 3rd installment of the [RG Evangelion Series] that pursues the reality of Android!

- With a wide range of motion realized without interfering armor and parts interference, the intense action scene in the play is reproduced.
- The sunken structure behind the knees reduces interference between armor parts when the legs are moving.
- When you open your legs, the internal parts that image the muscles work together to create a natural standing posture.
- The head can be divided into small parts and the colors can be reproduced simply by assembling.
- Eye parts are reproduced with clear molding.
- The progressive knife (for Unit 2) is a new model. Thunder spear has a folding gimmick.
- Includes armed hand parts.

[Accessories included]
- Pallet rifle x 1
- Thunder spear x 1
- Progressive knife (for Unit 2) x 2
- Umbilical cable x 1
- Realistic decal x 1
- Hand parts (left and right) x 7 each, Thunder spear handle (right) x 1

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[Pokemon] Plastic Model Collection Select No. 45 Series Gengar

? Ghost type Pokemon ???? [Gengar] has appeared from the select series!
? In addition to touch gate and snap fit technology, seals have been greatly reduced, making it easy to assemble!
? Color reproduction is perfect even with simple parts!
? Even small limbs can move joints.
? Three kinds of facial expressions can be selected by selective assembly.

Accessories / Package Content: 
? Facial expression parts x 2
?  Tongue parts x 2
?  Foil seal x 1


Nuke Matrix - 1/12 Hinabachi B.E.E Armor Ruri

Nuke Matrix - 1/12 Hinabachi B.E.E Armor Ruri Plastic Model kit

Feature -

A. Model kit
B. Weapon provided
C. Armor provided
D. Scale 1/10.5

* Official licenced product by Nuke Matrix

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[Kamen Rider] Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Kuuga Amazing Mighty Form & Rising Mighty Parts Exclusive

Release Date: August 2020
Arrival Date: September 2020

Joining the Figure-rise Standard Line is Kamen Rider Kuuga in his Amazing Mighty Form! Kuuga\'s Amazing Mighty Form is brilliantly recreated in model kit form with various color molded parts that also have been engineered to recreate signature poses and movements such as the Mighty Kick and the iconic Thumbs up pose!

This set also includes parts to upgrade the separately sold Kamen Rider Kuuga Mighty to Rising Mighty Form.

[Accessories Included]
- 7 Hands
- Feet effects
- Rising Mighty parts 
- Foil seal
- Display base

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[Demon Slayer] Plastic Model Tanjiro Kamado

[Demon Slayer] Plastic Model Tanjiro Kamado
-The main character of the TV anime [Devils Blade] [Sumijiro Kamon] is made into a plastic model with the technology of the BANDAI SPIRITS Hobby Division!
-A non-movable model with a dynamic pose that holds a Japanese sword with an overall height of about 120 mm.
-Face parts by [Insert molding] unique to Bandai Hobby Center are included.
-Includes [Painted Haori] parts with color reproduction.

[Accessories included]
- Hirinto x 1
- Seal x 1
- Instruction manual x 1

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[Dragon Ball] Figure-rise Standard Ultimate Son Gohan

  • From [Dragon Ball Z], Ultimate Son Gohan is lined up in Figure-rise Standard!
  • Equipped with a muscle build system. Assemble Ultimate Son Gohan!
  • [Ultimate Son Gohan] and [Super Saiyan Son Gohan (Future)] can be reproduced by selecting parts.
Facial expression parts x2
Super Saiyan Son Gohan (Future) reproduction parts x1 formula
Hand parts (left and right) x2 each
Energy wave x2 (accumulation, emission)
Energy wave pedestal x1
Joint parts for mounting the action base x1
Foil seal x1
Marking sticker x1


Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Hibiki

  • Kamen Rider Hibiki line up in Figure-rise Standard!
  • Thorough reproduction of proportions in the play.
  • Uses a newly developed polarization molding color to reproduce the characteristic suit color. Reflection that changes like a gradation depending on how the light hits expresses the texture.
  • The gradation of the mask part is reproduced by combining the thickness of the clear parts and the sticker attached inside.
  • The sound angle and sound shooting stick (A, Tun) are molded integrally with the hand parts to express the minute expression of the fingertips holding the weapon.
  • Clear-molded effect parts that can be reattached are included at the tip of the sound hammer and blaze.
  • The attached drum effect can powerfully reproduce the deadly technique.

Figure-rise effect pedestal x1
hammer stick, sound hammer effect x2 
Sound drum effect x1
Sound angle x1
Wrist parts Decisive hand (right), dedicated sound angle hand (right), sound hammer stick Handle (left and right), open hand (left and right), handgrip (left and right)
Foil seal x1
Tetron seal x1

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[SAKURA WARS] HG 1/24 Spiricircle Striker Mugen (Anastasia Palma Type)

Release Date : Nov 2020
Estimate Delivery : Dec 2020
  • From New Sakura Wars, Reiko Fighter Mugen (Anastasia Parma) is lined up in HG!
  • We adopt extension gimmick - enabling expansion and contraction of joints of limbs. 
  • The deadly attack action scene can be reproduced.
  • Equipped with a cockpit hatch open gimmick.
  • A character figure in boarding form is included.

Umbrella type rifle x 1
Hand gun x 2
Wheel seal x 1
Jewel seal x 1
Water transfer type decal x 1

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[DRAGON BALL] S.H.Figuarts Piccolo -Proud Namekians-

  • From the popular anime and manga series Dragon Ball Z comes a figure of the Namekian, Piccolo!
  • He comes with interchangeable facial expressions, interchangeable hands, a headsculpt without his hat, and his signature cloak.
  • Includes facial expressions, accessories, and his cloak

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[MONSTER HUNTER] S.H.MonsterArts Rathalos (Completed)

  • Closed wings measures 11.81 inches (30cm)
  • Open wings measures 15.75 inches (40cm)
  • Based on the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne game
  • Say hello to the newest collaboration between S.H.MonsterArts and Monster Hunter. 
  • This Rathalos figure features immense details and several accessories including a pair of interchangeable eyes, flame breath effects, and interchangeable flight parts.

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[Kamen Rider] Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Joker

  • Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Joker
  • Non-scale assembled plastic model
  • Target age: 15 years old or older
  • Product material: PS/ABS
  • Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Joker Appears!
  • The Kamen Rider Joker that appeared in "Kamen Rider W" is lined up in Figure-rise Standard! Reproduce the characteristic design with new modeling!

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[Dimension Studio x Model Principal] A.T.k Girl - 1/12 05 Scropion / SERQET

Brand : [Model Principal] 
Series : A.T.K Girl Series
Character : Scropion
Scale : 1/12

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[Ultraman] Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Darklops Zero -Action-

-From ULTRAMAN SUIT ANOTHER UNIVERSE, which is serialized in the monthly Hobby Japan, Ultraman Zero's rival [Darkrops Zero] appears in ULTRAMAN SUIT!

-Reproduce characteristic mono eyes with new parts.
-The abdominal joint can be selected from two patterns: [when movable priority] and [when LED unit (sold separately) is built in].
-An LED unit (sold separately) can be stored in the chest to keep your eyes and chest open.
-Lance type weapon is included.

* Lance type weapon x 1
* LED built-in parts x 1
* Hand parts (left and right) x 2 each
* Figure-rise Effect pedestal x 1
* Foil seal x 1
* Marking sticker x 1

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[Pokemon] Plastic Model Collection Select No. 13 Reshiram

This simple snap-fit plastic kit set allows modelers to build a slightly articulated 12cm Reshiram . 

All parts come molded in color and sheet of stickers are provided for detail so no painting is required. A display base with stand is included for each Pokemon. Includes exploded-view pictorial-type instructions, with notes in Japanese.


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