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[Dragon Ball] 1/8 Son Goku

Comes with:

  • Hand part x 2
  • Face part x 2
  • Display stand x 1

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[008] LBX General

-LBX General appeared from [Cardboard Battle Plane]!

-Includes archer rifle hand parts as basic equipment. The grip of the rifle can be bent, enabling various poses.
-Special machine for Yaiji Eiji appearing in anime

* Archer rifle

[Item content]
Molded articles x 4

* Foil seal x 1
Instruction manual x 1

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ONE PIECE [09] Dragon`s Ship

The powerful military organization - Revolutionary Army's ship is now available in the One Piece Grand ship series. This compact size series is easy to display. Easy assembling with no tools or painting needed. Sails and form are realistically reproduced. The bottom of the ship is detachable and can be used with ocean surface effect parts to reproduce the cruise scene.

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Bandai Mechacolle 1/144 Mazinger Z

- The right arm reproduces the rocket punch with the firing mechanism using the spring by exchanging the bottom from the elbow.
- The wrist comes with two pairs of flat / handshake. Shape reproduction using PVC.

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[Dr.Slump] Arale-Chan Fantasy Lion

Arale-Chan Ribugigo

- Dr.Slump series kit.
- 1/144 scale
- Kit that required assembly & painting. 
- Comes with sticker sheet
- Feature simple articulation

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[Dr.Slump] Arale-Chan Fantasy Dragon

Arale-Chan Ribugigo

- Dr.Slump series kit.
- 1/144 scale
- Kit that required assembly & painting. 
- Comes with sticker sheet
- Feature simple articulation

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Bandai 1/144 Great Mazinger

Model kit of Great mazinger features snap together parts, interchangeable hands, and spring loaded rocket launcher gimmick. Includes swords and detachable scrander.

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Bandai Double Mazinger

  • Bandai Double Mazinger
  • A set of Mazinger Z and Great mazinger of OVA (Original Video Animation).

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SD Cross Silhouette Mazinger Z

  • Various hand parts and effect parts are included.
  • Recompatible to enjoy two heads of low head and high head.

  • Hand parts x 4 (both hands and two handles)
  • Rocket punch effect parts x 1
  • Jet Scrander x 1
  • Abdominal parts for Jet Scrander installation x 1
  • Low head head facial parts x 1 formula
  • Base connection part x 1

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SD Cross Silhouette Great Mazinger

  • Various hand parts, Mazinger blade included.
  • Recompatible to enjoy two heads of low head and high head.

  • Hand parts x 5 (Both hands Handful hands)
  • Thunder break hand (right))
  • Scramble dash x 1
  • Mazinger blade x 1
  • Low head head facial parts x 1 formula
  • Base connection part x 1

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[Dragon Ball] Figure-rise Mechanics Bulma's Variable No.19 Motorcycle

- Bulma bike that appeared in the door painting of cartoon [Dragon Ball] is three-dimensional!

- Variable from basic mode [bike mode] running at high speed to bipedal mode [bipedal mode] in bipedal form and to triple mode [trike mode] which also runs unstable wilderness powerfully!
- In addition to recreating precise details of the mechanics, it features 'Mechas Wonderland' seven gimmicks!

  • Bike x 1
  • Bulma x 1
  • Bloomers arm and leg replacement parts (For motorcycles, for bipedals, for trike)
  • Bipedar . Trike Arm Parts x 2
  • Display pedestal x 1

[Product content]
  • Molded parts x 16
  • Foil seal x 1
  • Water transfer type decal x 1
  • Spring x 2
  • Instruction manual x 1

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- Andromeda class battleship appearing in [space battleship Yamato 2202 love warriors] is three-dimensionalized with 1/1000 scale deluxe version!

- The first ship Andromeda and the fifth ship Antares can be reproduced with selection formula.
- Not only the 5th ship from the 1st ship but also the variant battleship decal appearing after the 6th chapter is included!
- Deluxe specification of the instruction manual.

* Building 5 Antaress parts x 1 type
* Four consecutive wave wave artillery parts x 1
* Cosmo Falcon x 2
* Cosmo Tiger II x 4
* Display base x 1

[Product Information]
* Molded article x 17
* Foil seal x 1
* Water transfer type decal x 1
* Instruction manual x 1

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[PACIFIC RIM] HG Gipsy Avenger (Final Battle Specification)

Revisit the final battles of Pacific Rim: Uprising with this new Gipsy Avenger model kit that features the experimental Thruster Pods that allowed it to reach the battlefield in time. In addition to the backpack, new molded parts are included to equip its arms with Twin Plasma Chainsaws as well as a display stand.  As a bonus, 2 different versions of Scrapper are included to replicate scenes in the finale. 

Product Features:
- Around 6 inches (15.24cm)
- Features the experimental Thruster Pods
- New molded parts are included to equip its arms with Twin Plasma Chainsaws

Box Contents:
- 8 Runners
- 2 Scrappers
- Gravity sling
- Plasma caster
- Chain sword
- Stickers
- 2 Plasma Chainsaws

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HG 1/144 Mazinkaiser (Infinitism)

-From [Mazin Kaiser], Mazin Kaiser, a mechanical designer created by Mr. Takayuki Yanase, appears as the second edition of [INFINITISM]!

-Detailed parts division that was particular about color reproduction. Processing with the back side of clear parts and addition of details, etc. realize shaping with a sense of presence by precise rendering.
-Ensure a wide range of motion.
-Adopt clear parts for the effect of Turbo Smasher Punch.
-A final Kaiser blade and a Kaiser blade are also included, enabling you to reproduce powerful special moves.
-Kaiser pileder comes in two types before and after deformation.
-The large volume Kaiser Sclander is designed to evoke an internal mechanism.
-You can reproduce the flight scene on the supplied action base.

-   Kaiser Sclander x 1
・ Final Kaiser blade x 1
・ Kaiser blade x 2
-   Turbo smasher punch effect x 2
・ Display base x 1

[Item content]
-   Molded articles x 21
・ Seal x 1
・ Instruction manual x 1

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Figuarts Zero Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is an international icon! now she joins FiguartsZERO as its newest character. She comes in two variations: her deliciously bright normal colors, and a stunning golden version! both can be posed holding her trademark Apple, or without. And her head turns too! each set includes one 85mm figure with two pairs of arms (one empty handed, one holding an Apple.).

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[Sgt. Flog][38] Bomba Giroro + Giro Cannon

This item is limited to 3 per household.

Copyright Mine Yoshizaki / Kadokawa, Sunrise,TV Tokyo,NAS,BV
Item Size/Weight : 20.7 x 15.2 x 5.2 cm / 140g

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[Sgt. Flog][40] Deep-sea King Kururu + Kuru Arm

This item is limited to 3 per household.

Copyright Mine Yoshizaki / Kadokawa, Sunrise,TV Tokyo,NAS,BV
Item Size/Weight : 20.7 x 15.2 x 5 cm / 130g

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[10] LBX Pandora

-From [Cardboard Battle Plane], Kawamura Ami's exclusive red LBX appears!

-Enhanced joints allow for different poses.
-The basic equipment [Hope Edge] is included.
-Dedicated pedestal is included.

・ Hope edge x 2
・ Dedicated display base x 1
・ Wrist replacement joint x 2

[Item content]
-   Molded articles x 4
・ Foil seal x 1
・ Instruction manual x 1

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Figure-rise Mechanics Dr. Slump - Obotchaman

-From [Dr. Slump Arale-chan], Obo Cha Man appears in Figure-rise Mechanics!

-You can create a [real] Obochaman in a process that is built on the internal structure.
-In addition to hand parts that can have various expressions, Robobitan A as an energy source and [Hayoyo Face] parts for changing Arale's expression are included.
-The head can be replaced with the separately sold [Figure-rise Mechanics Arare-chan].

- Robobitan A x 1
- Hand for greeting (left hand) x 1
- Hand holding Robobitan A (right hand) x 1
- Arare chan hoyo face x 1

[Item content]
- Molded articles x 9
- Foil seal x 1
- Instruction manual x 1

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[Dragon Ball] Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta

-From [Dragon Ball GT], super warrior Gogeta, where Goku and Vegeta have been fused, is a lineup on Figure-rise Standard!

-Reproduce muscle irregularities and clothes wrinkles with natural shaping and assembly.
-The effect part of Big Bang Kamehame wave is attached.
-Hand parts to produce the pose, comes with hand parts and clasps for the Big Bang Kameha Wave.

・ Facial expression x 2
・ Grip hand (both hands) x 1
・ Big bang turtle hand wave parts (both hands) x 1

[Item content]
-  Molded articles x 9
・ Foil seal x 1
・ Instruction manual x 1

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MG Schaft Enterprise TYPE-J9 Griffon -Flight Type-

This is the Type-J9 Griffon Flight Type model kit from the Master Grade Patlabor series. The Griffon is easily posed in a variety of stances. The kit comes with multiple hands and weapons as well as an unpainted pilot figure. Its cockpit opens and closes for easy display of the inner mechanisms and the pilot figure. Transfer decals are included for added details.

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EX Model 1/35 Special Control Vehicle

Bandai Plastic Model

EX Model 03


1/35 Scale Plastic Model Assembly Kit

Require assembling

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EX Model 1/35 Red Tail -Mono Carrier-

This is an injection-plastic kit of a science-fiction/anime item.

Highly detailed kit of the unique flying machine from "Cowboy Bebop." Features opening cockpit, deplorable weapons, in-flight display stand, and all the figures shown (unpainted). Kit requires cement and painting to complete.

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MG 1/35 Patlabor Ingram Special Set

This is a posable, high-grade or better injection-plastic kit of a science-fiction/anime item.

With this sharp set from Bandai, you can build your choice of Ingram Unit 1, Unit 2, or Unit 3 (to build all three, you'll need to get three sets), complete with LED police light units for the model's shoulders! The light units have six tiny LEDs on each side and recreate a very realistic rolling light effect--sure to be an attention-getter no matter where you display it!

No matter which Ingram you choose to build, you'll find complete mechanical detailing as expected from a Master Grade kit, with soft PVC coverings for the shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees, as well as incredible cockpit detail that can be seen by lifting up its chest armor. A coin battery (CR2032), not included, is required for the LED patrol lights. The weapons include a hand revolver gun that can be stored in the right leg compartment as seen in the show, a riot gun, a stun stick that can be stored in the left arm-mounted shield, and an activated stun stick. Also included are three standing figures (Clancy Kanuka, Kiichi Goto, and Asuma Shinohara) and three sitting figures (Unit 1 pilot Noa Izumi, Unit 2 pilot Isao Ohta, and Unit 3 pilot Shinobu Nagumo), each molded in white. Highly recommended!

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[Figure Rise Standard] Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Son Goku (New Box Art)

  • Ultra best condition! Dragon Ball [Muscle build system] plastic model of war !! wonders in Tsukuriagero the ultimate body!
  • Muscle build system!
  • [Muscle representation] by parts division can not be wrong Plastic! Reproduced without the very best strength of Goku!
  • Split reproducibility to the pupil!
  • Reproduce the animation image in only assemble! To reproduce the color by parts division to the pupil and eyebrows!
  • The body of the line, clothes wrinkle moving line!
  • The joints of the dividing line combined with the wrinkle of clothes, achieve a more natural joint as a figure!
  • Accessories: face (another expression cry), wrist (Kamehameha) (left and right), (teleport) right wrist, Kamehameha effect (because), Kamehameha effect (released), Kamehameha effect pedestal

SAVE RM57.20

[Dragon Ball] Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan Vegeta (New Box Art)

- Figure-riseStandard Super Saiyan Vegeta long-awaited commercialization!

- Proud Saiyan Prince, Super Saiyan Vegeta appeared !!
- Whether Build Muscle!

-1. The eagerly-awaited Super Saiyan Vegeta appeared! -
- [Normal] two types of face parts are included in the [anger].
- reproduction without leaving the charm of the Super Saiyan Vegeta woke up in anger to himself!

-2. The Big Bang attack at the effect parts [Android ed.], Comes with a final flash of the [cell Operations]. -
- Figure-riseStandard Super Saiyan Trunks (sold separately) and Android 18 (sold separately), you try to recreate the battle scene in combination with cell (full body) (sold separately)

- accessories
- Special Moves effect two (final flash, Big Bang attack) x each 1
And facial expression parts two (usually, anger) x each 1
- Wrist parts six (left and right grip hand, left and right final flash hand, left and right hand Big Bang) x each 1

- The contents of goods
- moldings x 7
- Seal x 1
- Instruction Manual x 1

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[Dragon Ball] Figure-rise LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN BROLY (New Box Art)

- Figure-rise Standard appeared legendary Super Saiyan person's blog !!!

- Legendary Super Saiyan Brolly who struggled Goku with overwhelming power! Build Muscle!
- Muscle build system powers up! Thoroughly shaping the strong muscles of Brolly! Volume of muscles is masterpiece!
- In addition to muscles, sticking to parts around joints, more natural posing possible!
- New parts [Dramatic parts] that will expand the range of play further with other characters is included!
- Goku and Vegeta suffering overwhelming power Dramatic parts of face are included with 2 kinds! The battle scene in the play is reproducible!
- Two facial expression parts are included, [normal] and [scream]! Reproduce the eerie and evil expression unique to Brolly!

- accessories
-   2 kinds of expression parts (normal, cry) x 1 each
-   Two types of wrist parts (left and right grip hands, right and left hands) x 1 each
-   Super Saiyan Damage Face for Son Goku x 1
-   Super Saiyan Damage Face for Vegeta x 1

- Product content
-  Molded article x 9 . Seal x 1 . Instruction manual x 1

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SD Cross Silhouette Gaogaigar

Release Date : Nov 2019
Estimate Delivery : Dec 2019

-From the High Target Robo SD Cross Silhouette series, we have three-dimensional [Gao Geiger] that is popular in Japan and abroad!

-Easy-to-assemble plastic models, you can enjoy a powerful pose!
-Achieve a wide range of motion with a tall head. Extensive optional parts make it possible to reproduce the special move pose in the play!
-Secure the movement range of Hell & Heaven by replacing the joints of arms and shoulders. Possibility to project the arm greatly forward without causing parts interference!
-Adoption of clear parts for the G stone of the frame and the specification of giving attention such as engraving.
-The head comes with 2 types for high head and low head.
-Hand parts come with three types, one for hand, one for Hell and Heaven and one for protect shade.
-The dividing driver can be attached to the arm.

・ Face parts x 2
・ Hell and Heaven reproduction hand (left and right) x 1 each
・ Dividing driver x 1
・ Protected shade reproduction left hand x 1

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[Pokemon] Plastic Model Collection Mewtwo & Mew & Pikacyu Set

-A special set of Mewtwo and Mew who are active in [The Movie version Pokemon Mewtwo's Counterattack EVOLUTION] and a limited metallic color!

-Miu-Tu moves his tail up and the right hand goes up! You can reproduce Mewtwo's cool pose.
-Add new shadow ball effect parts. Be lined up!
-Miu is Pokepla first three-dimensional! You can pose in the air on the supplied pedestal.
-Add a crying face seal in addition to the face seal that normally and motivates Pikachu. You can make expressive Pikachu!

* Display base for Mito x 1
Shadow ball effect x 1
* 1 for shadow ball effect base

* Display base for Miu x 1

[Item content]
Molded articles x 7
Foil seal x 1
* Instruction manual x 1


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