Rare Gunpla Online Auction

Rare Gunpla online Auction for Gunpla Lovers

Rare Gunpla Items Auction

Welcome to Gundam.my Rare Gunpla Online Auction. Our online auction works slightly different from the ordinary auction. Check out here to find out what are the differences between our auction and the ordinary auction:

  • Our auction only open for Gundam.my users. Join us as a member of the Gundam.my to participate in the auction.
  • All the auction items are rare and limited. Eg: Expo version items, limited P-Bandai items, items that has stopped in production and items with the signature of Katsumi Kawaguchi.
  • Each bid amount is fixed and it cannot be changed. This is to prevent intentionally bids an unreasonably high amount. Eg. each bid placed on the EXPO MG Sazabi Clear Version goes up to RM10.
  • Each auction item strating price is below market price. The reason why we do not start the bidding price at 1 cent is to maintain the item's current market value.
  • Each auction item is limited to 1 unit only.
  • All the transactions and delivery are 100% safe and secure.
  • There is no surcharge for each bid.

Auction Schedule
03 Apr 2021 Bidding Result

Rules and Regulations