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[001] HG Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA-01 Test Type

  • Evangelion EVA-01 Test Type (HG)
  • With Shinji (Plug Suit)

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[002] HG Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA-02 Production Model

  • Evangelion EVA-02 Production Model
  • Asuka and Misato included

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[008] LBX General

-LBX General appeared from [Cardboard Battle Plane]!

-Includes archer rifle hand parts as basic equipment. The grip of the rifle can be bent, enabling various poses.
-Special machine for Yaiji Eiji appearing in anime

* Archer rifle

[Item content]
Molded articles x 4

* Foil seal x 1
Instruction manual x 1


Perfect Grade Evangelion

This item is a posable, high-grade or better injection-plastic kit of a science-fiction/anime item. 34cm high when completed. 

Without question, this is the ultimate EVA kit. The completed item stands 34.5cm high, bigger than nearly every other EVA kit that has been released. The basic structure is completely different from the existing LM-HG kits. An inner, posable skeleton of heavy-duty, semi-hard plastic is covered by soft, black, rubber covers that conceal the inner frame at the "gaps" in the EVA's armor at joints, on the abdomen and other places. This rubber suit is then covered in turn by the usual outer plastic panels. This structure, the designers say, give it a durability and poseability well beyond what you are used to seeing in Bandai HG and MG kits. Also, in addition to doing all the things that the LM-HG kits do, this kit's shoulder panels open (both sides) for weapon storage, and a plug-in power pack (takes 2 AAA batteries) lights up the EVA logos on its shoulders. Five sets of hands are included, as are the Pallet Gun, Progressive Knife, Two swords (long & short) with scabbards, the inner Eva head and a red metallic-plated "core."

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Evangelion-00 New Movie Ver.

The prototype Evangelion Unit-00 piloted by Rei Ayanami is here as a Bandai model kit! The spear and pallet rifle seen in the movie are included, so you can recreate any pose that you'd like!
  • Parts seamless arm joints by a rotary joint is covered with a soft resin parts.
  • The mechanism for providing the hollow portion removing excess intra-articular part, the interference with the movable molding
  • Structure is adopted to mitigate.
  • A variety of expressional umbilical cable that comes with the core material has entered, the combined body and pose
  • Possible.
  • Weapons - The Spear of Longinus and pallet rifle that appeared in the TV series are included.

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Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance Evangelion-02

Eva-02 unit from the 2nd Evangelion Rebuild film is getting its own model kit release from Bandai! This model will feature the full possibility you've seen in the films and will be cast in the distinctive red. Skeleton is made encased in pliable material to replicate the suit like material the Eva is housed in. Weapons and accessories include Pallet Gun, Thunder Speak, Progressive Knife, crossbow, and flight pack.

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[Dimension Studio x Model Principal] A.T.k Girl - 1/12 WHITE TIGER

Brand : [Model Principal] 
Series : A.T.K Girl Series
Character : WHITE TIGER
Scale : 1/12

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LOZ Diamond Block Toys - Minion

Tip: small toy parts, do not give children to play, to avoid eating! Remember! !

Develop intelligence, and inspiring potential, To make children grow up with happiness, Perfect for gift.

Loz Diamond block Toys
- The nano smallest block toys,
- Diamond block toys with assembly instruction
- More details outlooking,
- Suitable for age 9 or above
- Perfect for display or collection or gift
- You are bidding a nano diamond block toy.

Highlights :
- Allow for an astonishing range of creative play opportunities
- Enhance Math and science skills
- Enhance kids problem solving, planning and organizing skills
- Assist in the development of fine motor skills
- Enhance child creativity

Product Features & Specification :
Material : AB

- Great VALUE, an alternative to large, expensive building sets!
- Great option for people who enjoy Legos and want to try something different
- Great level of detail! Micro-sized building blocks make detailed models of buildings, bridges, animals, instruments, trucks, planes, space shuttles and more EDUCATIONAL TOOL

1) Micro Blocks help sharpen budding builders' gross and fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and storytelling capabilities
2) Micro Blocks are complex puzzles that induce cognitive skills during play. They may lead to increased sustained attention, selective attention and divided attention QUALITY & SAFETY
3) Made from high-quality durable green material, micro blocks are flexible and won't damage easily
4) Micro blocks have non-toxic and non-corrosive particles, and their smooth surface is designed specifically for children. Rounded corners make them kid-safe Satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED. Click to get yours today.


[Dragon Ball] Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Son Goku (New Box Art Design)

-Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Son Goku who appeared in TV anime [Dragon Ball Super] appeared with renewed package !! Build the muscle!

-Super saiyan God Super saiyan's characteristic blue shining hair is reproduced with metallic molding color!
-Two types of expression parts are included: [Normal] and [Scream].
-Two types of effect parts are included: [Kamehameha (for)] and [Kamehameha (for release)].
-Comes with a foil seal that reproduces the [Go] mark on the body worn in the play.

* 2 special effects effects (Kamehameha , Kamehameha ) x 1 each
Two expression parts (normal, cry) x 1 each
- Wrist parts 5 types (left and right hand grip, left and right hand-fitting wave hand, instantaneous moving hand) x 1 each

* Effect base x 1

[Product Contents]
Molded product x 7
* Seal x 1
* Assembly manual x 1

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[Dragon Ball] Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta (New Box Art Design)

-Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta from the TV anime [Dragon Ball Super] appears with a renewed package !! Build the muscle!

-Super saiyan God Super saiyan's characteristic blue shining hair is reproduced with metallic molding color!
-Two types of expression parts are included: [Normal] and [Scream]. Products that fully incorporate the charm of Vegeta!
-Two types of effect parts are included: [Big Bang Attack] and [Final Flash].

-Special Move Effect 2 types (Final Flash, Big Bang Attack) x 1 each
*  Two expression parts (normal, cry) x 1 each
*  6 types of wrist parts (left / right grip hands, left / right final flash hands, left / right big / van / attack hands) x 1 each
*  Effect base x 1

[Product Contents]
* Molded product x 7
Seal x 1
Assembly manual x 1

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Figure-rise LABO Kotori Minami

Bandai Spirits is celebrating the ninth anniversary of Love Live with this Figure-rise Labo Kotori Minami model kit! With the assistance of famous figure maker Alter, this spectacular model kit features layered construction and light pearl polarized coating materials. Different materials and textures are combined to not only recreate her form, but also every detail of her fantastic costume right down to glitter in the clear parts and the gloss in her shoes!

Requiring no paint at all, even the blush on her cheeks has been recreated through layered plastic injection for an unbelievable easy assembly experience that produces a high-quality figure! Includes display base and tetron stickers.

Product Features

  • 8 inches (20.32cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • Celebrate the 9th anniversary of Love Live
  • Made with the assistance from famous figure maker Alter
  • Light pearl polarized coating
  • No paint needed

Box Contents

  • Pieces to build
    • Kotori Minami
    • Balloons

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1/60 Mazinger Z (Mazinger Z Infinity Ver.)

-Mazinger Z reaches the pole of detail reproduction unique to 1/60

-Pursuing detail and parts division based on the concept design drawn for the movie version by mechanical designer Noriyuki Yanase. Overall height is about 423mm.
-In addition to vertical movement, the jet scrader reproduces the vertical movement that is set. Furthermore, as a plastic model original, the wings can be stored by having a movable range more than the vertical direction.
-Hover Wilder can be recreated when flying and when Wilder is on.
-Iron cutters, drill missiles, and rocket punches can be replaced.
-Detailed reproduction of camera eye details. Mazinga-Z can be activated by incorporating the included LED unit.

  • Hover piler x 1
  • Jet Scruander x 1
  • Iron cutter parts, exclusive palms (left and right) x 1 each
  • Drill missile parts (left and right) x 1 each
  • Rocket punch dedicated parts (left and right) x 1 each
  • LED unit x 1 * Battery sold separately

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RG Multipurpose Humanoid Decisive Weapon, Artificial Human Evangelion Unit-01

-The first Evangelion machine is now available in the RG series!
-Pursuing to reproduce Evangelion"e;s action pose as an Android as RG.

-Thorough pursuit of precise coloring expression by molding color. It can be expressed simply by assembling colorful colors.
-Chest, abdomen, and back parts are interlocked with multiple armor when leaning forward or looking up. In particular, a large range of motion is secured by the large movement of the chest parts.
-Reduced armor interference when bending your knees. Succeeded in expressing joints like a human by sinking back knee parts like real muscles.
-Internal parts interlock when the neck is movable. Natural posing and expression can be reproduced.
-Interlocking of the internal frames enables the expression of joints with shoulders and twisting arms. Impressive crouching poses can be reproduced without breaking down in a form close to nature.
-When the legs are opened, the internal parts that look like muscles work together to create a natural standing.
-Entry plug is included as a separate part.
-Comes with abundant optional parts such as 2 progressive knives, 1 pallet rifle, 6 left and right hand parts, and umbilical cable.

  • Progressive k-nife x 2 types (normal and stored)
  • Pallet rifle x 1
  • Hand parts (left and right) x 6 types each
  • Umbilical cable x 1
  • Realistic decal x 1

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RG Multipurpose Humanoid Decisive Weapon,Evangelion Unit-01 DX Transport Platform Set

-The first Evangelion machine is now available in the RG series!
-Pursuing to reproduce Evangelion"e;s action pose as an Android as RG.

-[RG Evangelion first unit] and [Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Introduction] [Transport stand] set.
-Reproduce the scene of high-speed transportation to the ground while restraining EVA.
-Pursue detailed designs such as molds on the table. The settings in the play can be reproduced just by assembling.
- PET material addition to the AT field reproduction parts by, also included hand parts for reproduction AT field topped scene.

  • Progressive k-nife x 2 types (normal and stored)
  • Pallet rifle x 1
  • Hand parts (left and right) x 7 types each
  • Umbilical cable x 1
  • Realistic decal x 1
  • PET sheet x 1

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[One Piece] Figuarts Zero `Black Leg` Sanji

--- [ONE PIECE] Comic cover is three-dimensional! 11 standard figures appeared in Figuarts ZERO!

-The sixth bullet [Sanji in black feet] points to the wild kick figure of Sanji.
-Replacement expression parts for [Black foot Sanji] are also included in the separately sold [Figuarts ZERO nose-shaped Brook].

- set content
 + Main body
 + Dedicated pedestal set

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Entry Grade Kamen Rider Zero-One Rising Hopper

- Kamen Rider Zero One Rising Hopper from [Kamen Rider Zero One] appears in the introductory series [ENTRY GRADE] for all inexperienced plastic models!

- It is fun to assemble an armor into the suit.
- With a small number of parts (27 parts) and a runner arrangement that makes it easy to imagine the finished form, even those who make a plastic model for the first time can assemble quickly!
- Reproduce the difference in suit texture with special processing. Experience the precision of a plastic model!
- No glue or tools required! Easy assembly possible with snap fit and touch gate!

* Runner x 3
* Instruction manual x 1
* Seal x 1


[Pokemon] Plastic Model Collection Select No.20 Series Victini

This relatively simple snap-fit plastic kit set allows modelers to build adorable Victini! All parts come molded in color and a sheet of stickers is provided for detail so no painting is required.


[Ultraman] Figure-rise Standard Ultraman Suit Ver7.5 -Action-

-[ULTRAMAN SUIT Ver7.5] appears as a new specification [-ACTION-]

-By improving the range of motion, you can reproduce the scene in the play using SPACIUM SWORD with even more powerful poses.
-Movement of the head in the direction of rotation has been greatly expanded by using a ball joint for the neck part.
-By eliminating the LED and adopting a new technology that connects and moves the chest and abdomen with multiple ball joints, the range of motion in the twist direction has been greatly increased.
-Includes various optional parts such as various weapons.

[Accessories included]
* SPACIUM SWORD sheath x 1
* KNIFE x 2
* Original weapon [EYE SLUGGER] x 2
* Figure-rise Effect pedestal x 1
*Marking seal x 1
* Foil seal x 1

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MS GeneralMG-02
Guan Yu Thor
Plastic model kit

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HG 1/144 Kotetsu Jeeg (Infinitism)


Please read all the detail and condition before make order. 
Release : Jan 2020  
Estimate arrival : Feb 2021 

Pre order Price RM190.00, Deposit RM50, Balance RM140.00 
- Jan 2021 release will be limited quantity. 
- Early reservation will be on top priority to receive the Jan release item. 
- Items will be given for the first come first serve basis. 
- Remaining order will be receive second release which estimate on Feb / March 2021 
- We will inform to make balance RM 140.00 + shipping when stock arrived.
- Deposit payment are non-refundable.

Attention: Remaining balance amount must be paid within 60 days after being notified or will resulted in forfeiting the Pre-Order's deposit & item.

- The leading machine [Steel Jeeg] of the anime [Steel Jeeg], which is very popular in Western countries, is now available as the 4th arrangement series [INFINITISM]!

-Arranged by Takayuki Yanase, a mechanical designer. Succeeded in incorporating the world view of INFINITI SM into the head height of 175 mm.
-Equipped with original plastic model arrangements such as gimmicks and details.
-A large kit with a total height of over 230 mm when equipped with a Mach drill.
-A colorful finish just by assembling without using stickers.
-The action base is attached and can be exhibited in flight.
-Includes knuckle bomber reproduction parts and effects with both fingers crossed.

* Mach drill x 1 set
Display base x 1
Sideways flight pose reproduction parts x 1
* Knuckle bomber effect x 1
* Hand parts x 4 (grip hand, left and right / open hand, right / knuckle bomber hand x 1 set)

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Pokemon Plastic Model Collection Quick!! 04 Pikachu Eevee

ETA: FEB., 2021

Easy and simple assembly! Eevee is now available in Pokepla Quick !!, which is perfect for your first plastic model experience! 
- Eevee with a total length of about 75 mm made of all 20 parts. 
- Easy assembly and colorful finish by dividing the parts. 
- Simple specifications that make you think of the finished product the moment you see the runner. - Touch gate method that does not use tools. 
- Minimize the use of seals.
- Foil sticker x 1


[Heavy Metal L-Gaim] L-Gaim (HG)

From Heavy Metal L-Gaim, El Gaim has upgraded to the HG series!
- Adjusted the balance of the head parts and changed the thigh parts division. More stylish.
- The shoulder has been changed to a ball shaft to improve mobility.
- It is possible to pull out the arm back and forth with new parts.
- Buster launcher is created with a new mold to improve color coding.
- New joint parts that can be attached to Action Base 5 are included.

- Buster Launcher x 1
- Power Launcher x 2
- Shield x 1


[Heavy Metal L-Gaim] Oji Aug (HG)

From Heavy Metal L-Gaim, Oji has upgraded to the HG series!
- Clear parts are used for the forehead.
- The color coding of the shoulders is reproduced by dividing the parts.
- The hip joint split has been changed to expand the range of motion.
- A new saber is included.

- Scythe x 1
- Beam Saver x 2


[Heavy Metal L-Gaim] A-Taul (HG)

From Heavy Metal L-Gaim, Atoll has been upgraded to the HG series!
- Improved hip interference and expanded leg range of motion. Allows for more dynamic poses.
- The vinyl tube on the arm has been changed to a red lead wire, increasing the degree of freedom in posing.
- A new Tetoron sticker for reproducing Atoll V is included.

- Saber Flogger x 1
- Marking sticker x 1
- Lead wire x 1


Pokemon Plastic Model Collection Big 01 Magikarp

Anyway, a big plastic model packed with the charm of Pokemon! The first is the Fish Pokemon Magikarp!
- All 30 large parts that are easy to assemble. The total length is about 20 cm.
- Color-coded reproduction of parts minimizes the use of stickers.
- The characteristic beard is reproduced with a material that is different from the main body and is hard to break.
- By replacing the parts, you can express the dynamic pose of Splash.
- Dedicated display base is included.

- Runner x 6
- Foil seal x 1
- Dedicated base x 1
- Instruction manual x 1

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[Heavy Metal L-Gaim] 1/144 Class A Heavy Metal Set

4 old kits of  Heavy Metal L-Gaim are now available as a set!
- A set of 1/144 scale Auger, Bash, Grune, and Ashra Temple.

- 1/144 Greene x 1
- 1/144 Bash x 1
- 1/144 Auger x 1
- 1/144 Ashura Temple x 1

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[Marvel 10th Anniversary Edition] [Zhong Dong] 7 inch Ironman MK III Iron Man MK 3 with LED

[Marvel 10th Anniversary Edition] [Zhong Dong] 7 inch Ironman MK III with LED

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Emodel Morstorm - 1/9 Ironman Iron Man Rescue Mark Mk49 model kit

?? Metallic Coating Gold Parts
?? MK49 x1
?? Floating machine x1
?? hands gesture x4 
?? Action Base x1
?? Long Range Shooting effects x2
?? Short Range Shooting effects x2
?? Foot sole effects x2
?? Led Light set x2
?? Floating machine effects x1

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[Model Principle] 1/6 Ultraman Special Coating Diecast Version B Type

[Model Principle] ??? 1/6 
?  Ultraman Special Coating Diecast Version Type B
?  Material: Diecast, ABS, PVC, POM, and electrical parts

? 31 cm Tall

Product includes: 
? Main Body x1
? Spacium Beam x2
? Spacium Sword x4
? Spacium Ring x2
? Whirlwind Special Part x2
? Breast replacement x1
? Hand pose replacement x6
? Thigh replacement x2
? Calf replacement x2

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Figure-rise Standard Kamen Rider Ryuki

Kamen Rider Ryuki appears as the 11th work of the project to make all the main characters of Heisei Kamen Rider into plastic models!

??  The silver part is expressed with an extra finish.
??  The opening of the head slit is realized by ultra-thin molding. The compound eye under the slit is a clear red part, and the characteristic mask is thoroughly reproduced.
??  Five PET advent cards are included. The upper part of the drag visor slides forward and you can load the Advent card.
??  A handle for the card is attached, and the loading image can be reproduced.
??  A drag redder with a total length of about 630 mm is included.
??  By using some parts of the drag redder, sword vent and guard vent can be reproduced. Strike Vent pursues the atmosphere when worn and creates special drag claw parts.
??  Movable joints and a pedestal for drag redders enable a display that imagines the scene in the play.

??  Drag Redder x 1 
??  Drag
?? Claw x 1
??  Wrist Parts Determinant (Right), Card Handle (Right), Grip Hand (Left and Right), Weapon Holder (Left and Right), Flat Hand (Left and Right)
??  Advent Card x 5 Seed
??  Drag redder pedestal x 2
??  Figure-rise Effect pedestal x 1
??  Foil seal x 1

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