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ONE PIECE [05] Moby Dick Ship

- Accessories: effect sea level - Item Size/Weight : 31.1 x 19.2 x 7.3 cm / 323g


ONE PIECE [04] Red Force Grand Ship

Shanks' flag ship joins a new series of 6" model ships from "One Piece". Its compact size makes it easy to display and requires no tools to assemble. Through the use of pre-colored plastic and stickers there's no need for paint. You can re-create the ship with sails unfurled or without sails. Includes a ocean surface effect part. Compatible with the action base 2.

Accessories : wave effect


ONE PIECE [03] Going Merry

- Already [ "a great ship collection" to ] is a lineup appearance! - A setting color is mostly reproducible with an attached seal! - The collection line of budget prices! - Compact size which is easy to display! - The Quan Tan assembly of tool needlessness! - A plastic model with a water line effect! - Action base 2 correspondence! - The Going Mary number which is proud of still deep-rooted popularity appears! - accessories: -- a water line effect part -- being and borrowing -- x2 and a gun Item Size/Weight : 31 x 19.2 x 7.3 cm / 284g


ONE PIECE [06] Kuja Nine Snake Pirate Ship

The ship is a basic galleon with a pink mansion structure in the middle. Paddle-wheels are installed on the stern in exchange of a rudder, and instead of a figurehead, two Yuda are tied to the front, where they steer the ship. The front sail bears the jolly roger of the Kuja Pirates, while the back sail has "Kuja" (??) written in kanji.

As the Kuja tribe reside in Amazon Lily, an island in the middle of the Calm Belt, they are in danger of being attacked by Sea Kings. Therefore, the crew uses Yuda, ferocious and poisonous sea-serpents that even Sea Kings do not dare to attack, that they somehow managed to domesticate, to safely guide their ship through. This is a newly devised method to travel through the Calm Belt.


QY QiYue 01 Thousand Sunny One Piece Ship

QY QiYue 01 Thounsand Sunny One Piece Ship


ONE PIECE Going Merry

  • Nobody can stop this momentum! From the super popular anime "One Piece", here is a plastic model kit of Going Merry Sailing Ship!
  • A great display model for the One Piece fans, as well as sail boat model kit fans too!!
  • By using different maretials for the ropes of each area, both gimmick and ease of assembling has been achieved! The ropes has been reproduced in its tied state, and even the shape of the knot has been pursued. Nylon string has been used for the rope of the anchor. The anchor can be reproduced at its released state and can also be attached to the ship body as well.
  • The creases of the mast and the Pirate Symbol have been reproduced! The mast has been made with translucent polystyrene plastic, and even the creases had been reproduced. The Pirate Symbol can be reproduced by either marking sticker or water transfer decal.
  • The Straw Hat Crew figures are included! The crew had been reproduced to match the scene. Included Nami, Chopper, Ussopp, Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro.
  • Even the orange trees have been reproduced!
  • Filled with little parts that can't be missed for a pirate ship! Cannon, Rope ladder, Barrel, Wooden box, Anchor
  • Accessories: Anchor, Figure x6 (Nami, Chopper, Ussopp, Luffy, Sanji, Zoro), Barrel, Wooden Box, Rope Ladder, Cannon, Orange Tree x3, Display Stand


ONE PIECE Thousand Sunny

- Sunny came the sound! - Straw Hat Pirates crew, mustering all nine! - Gaon cannon reproduces by replacing! - Also reproduced by replacing the paddle! - Included three mechanical equipment around! (No. 1 Shiromokuba, Minimeri No. 2, No. 3 Shakusabumaji) - Not just cute! Interest lots! - No glue. Just go in with a pop Hamekon parts! - No paint. Just put a seal finish assembling colorful! (1 color figure) - Grain and milestones, rivet processing in a more realistic detail Shibo! - Is reproduced in woven rope molding. Ease to assemble! - The included display base unit can also display three peripheral mechanism.


ONE PIECE Going Merry flying Model

The Going Merry, famed worldwide as the first ship of Monkey D. Luffy's Straw Hat Pirates, is now immortalized by Bandai as a fantastic plastic kit! Bandai includes nylone rope for the anchor, a display stand, a big cannon on the deck, cargo such as barrels and crates, and more! This nonscale kit measures 28cm (just over 11 inches) long upon completion. The kit is molded in a variety of colors, including dark brown, tan, white, cream, and gold. This version depicts the Going Merry in flight mode! (NOTE: The model doesn't really fly!) Includes 8 unpainted figures. - Accessories: Figures × 8 (Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, South Bird), Tal, crates, rope ladders, guns, orange trees × 3, display base


ONE PIECE Thousand Sunny New World Ver. (Plastic model)

An unpainted, unassembled model kit of the New World version of the Thousand Sunny. 

  • Accessories: PVC × 9 (Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook), Shiromokuba No. 1, No. 2 Minimeri, shark submerged No. 3 Paddle × 2, Gaon Cannon, × 5 Thurs (× 3 in mandarin trees), display base


ONE PIECE [01] Thousand Sunny (Plastic model)

- The Quan Tan assembly of tool needlessness! 

- The first plastic model with a water line effect in a dress! 

- Action base 2 correspondence! 

- Reproduce the tree of the mandarin orange of a deck, etc. faithfully with miniscule! 

- Accessories : sea surface effect part


ONE PIECE [02] Trafalgar Law`s Submarine

Trafalgar Law's Submarine from One Piece joins the Grand Ship Collection! Compact size for easy display! Tool-free easy assembly! The first model kit with ocean surface effect parts from the One Piece series! Action Base 2 compatible!

Accessories : wave effect part & a storage state mast


ONE PIECE [07] Marine Warship

Marine Warship from One Piece joins the Grand Ship Collection Line! Features turrets that can move up and down. Its compact size makes it easy to display and requires no tools to assemble. Through the use of pre-colored plastic and stickers there's no need for paint. Includes a ocean surface effect part. Compatible with the action base 2.

Accessories: wave effect


ONE PIECE [08] Garp`s Warship (Plastic model)

This ship's crow nest is shaped like a dog house, with a figure head of a dog head, which has a bone in its mouth. There are many sails for this ship, with the masts shaped like bones with dog-paws. The vessel overall has a dog theme, similar to Garp's mask.

This ship has many large cannons, and its size is big, compared with a standard marine ship. Its size is comparable to a Buster Call warship. There are also conveyor belts on board of the ship to supply Garp with cannonballs.

The ship has many large cannons, which can easily overwhelm an average ship. Also, with Garp's superhuman strength, he can launch over 1000 cannonballs at his opponents with the force stronger than an actual cannon from the ship, as well as hurl a gigantic ball that is bigger than the Thousand Sunny.


ONE PIECE [09] Dragon`s Ship

The powerful military organization - Revolutionary Army's ship is now available in the One Piece Grand ship series. This compact size series is easy to display. Easy assembling with no tools or painting needed. Sails and form are realistically reproduced. The bottom of the ship is detachable and can be used with ocean surface effect parts to reproduce the cruise scene.


ONE PIECE General Franky

The combined robot built by Franky, the Straw Hat Pirates' ship carpenter. Transformed from combined Black Rhino FR-U4 and Brachio Tank No5, the robot is equipped with many secret weapons. General Cannon also known as the "Gaon Cannon on Land "that can be used anywhere away from the ship is super powerful!

  • Armed included: Fran sword, rocket launcher (left and right), shield (left and right)


ONE PIECE [10] Baratie (Plastic Kits)

The might restaurant ship of the East Blue from the anime/manga series One Piece! One of the most unique entries in the Grand Ship Collection. Plenty of parts are included for you to display the ship with the bottom fin closed or opened. Wave effect is incldued. 

Approximately 6" long and self assembly is required. No tool is needed to remove parts from runner.

Accessories: wave effect.


ONE PIECE [12] Spade Pirates Ship (Plastic model)

Spade Pirates Ship that from One Piece is now turned into a plastic model kit. It comes with a wave effect and display base. Self assembly is required fro this model.

  • Accessories: sea level effects, display base


ONE PIECE [11] Marshall D. Teach Pirate Ship

  • The ship of Marshall. D. Teach, better known as "Blackbeard", joins the Grand Ship Collection. 
  • Compact size for easy display. 
  • Tool-free easy assembly. 
  • The ocean surface effect part is included to recreate a sailing ship. 
  • Runner x3, Foil sticker x1, Marking sticker x1, Instruction manual x1


ONE PIECE Red Force (Plastic model)

  • Red Force, the ship sailed by the Red Hair Pirates, joins the lineup. 
  • The grains and knots in the wood are realistically recreated. 
  • The masts and shrouds are also recreated. 
  • A dragon is designed on the prow. 
  • Includes plastic stickers and water-transfer decals for the marks on the sails. 
  • The figures of the four crews of the Red Hair Pirates are included. 
  • Includes a special display stand. 
  • Runner x16, Foil sticker x1, Plastic sticker x1, Water-transfer decal x1, Instruction manual 


ONE PIECE Thousand Sunny `Film Gold` Release Anniversary Color Ver. (Plastic model)

This item is limited to 3 per household.
Copyright Eiichiro Oda Shueisha Fuji TV Toei Animation

- Hot summer is coming !! theater version new one-piece [ONE PIECE FILM GOLD] public commemoration public commemorative version of the Thousand Sunny can do it!

- Appeared Sunny public commemoration color molding color of ç…ŒBiyakana Gold!
- A little bit of straw in the theater version of the opening costume to character plate! Illustrations draw down only here!

- Accessories: character plate, sea level effects, display base

( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text. )

Item Size/Weight : 31 x 19 x 7 cm / 297g


ONE PIECE [13] Big Mom Ship

Copyright Eiichiro Oda Shueisha Fuji TV Toei Animation

Four Shrine Big Mam sings singing mysterious pirate ship

Detailed details of cookie hall cake and candy are reproduced finely!

New - wave parts !!
It corresponds also to the conventional collection.
If you rearrange the parts, the range of the scene scene also expands.

Wave effect x1 formula


Going Merry (Plastic model) - One Piece 20th Anniversary Memorial Color Ver

- Anniversary model coloring the 20th anniversary

- Refresh with the original color image!

- New wave parts for reproducing scenes running on the sea are included!
- It can be reproduced with various patterns in a split formula!

- Straw Hat Pirate Flag drawn by Luffy is reproduced with a marking sticker!

- accessories
· Wave effect x 1 formula


ONE PIECE Thousand Sunny Memorial Color Ver

  • sunny coloring the one-piece 20th anniversary anniversary in the great ship collection appeared in the original color image Memorial Color Ver.
  • To celebrate the memorial, a specially made drawing plate that imaged the cover of the original comics is attached
  • wave effect included


ONE PIECE [14] Grand Ship Collection Ark Maxim

ONE PIECE Grand Ship Collection Ark Maxim

- Great ship collection The first flying type ship appears!

- Enel's ship [One - Piece Magim] that appears in One Piece Vol. 30 is three - dimensional.
- Each propeller beside the hull can rotate independently, and it is possible to reproduce the flight for the first time in the series!
- The distinctive facial part is gloss injection and surprisingly glossy feeling.
- New display parts for reproducing Maxim that floats in the sky and Cloud effect of white molding color are attached.

- accessories
- Cloud effect x 1 formula
- Flying pedestal x 1

- Product content
- Molded product x 4
- Foil seal x1
- Marking stick x 1
- Instruction manual x 1


[Tamashii Nations] Figuarts Zero Monkey D.Luffy Gum-Gum-Hawk Whip

Introducing FiguartsZERO Monkey.D.Luffy -Gomu Gomu no Hawk Whip-! This figure is part of the "Extra Battle" theme from FiguartsZERO that takes the memorable battle and action scenes from your favorite characters and faithfully recreates them in 3-dimensional statue form. Set includes a special display stand. 

Reproduce the deathblow of Luffy in modeling and flashy effects!

Cool modeling of Figuarts ZERO aggregates (COOL STYLE) technology, the new line "super fierce battle -EXTRA BATTLE-" Luffy deathblow from series to reproduce the coolest moment of character "Gomugomu of Takamuchi (Hawk Whip)" three-dimensional moments come up with!
Reproduce the battle scene in the pose and effects uplifting !! 

Product size: Tall: 150mm / 5.9"inch
Meterial: ABS?PVC  

Set Content
- Body
- Stand


[One Piece] Thousand Sunny Flying Model

-The Sunny of the emperor penguin's appearance in the movie version [ONE PIECE STAMPEDE] soars in the sky !

-The original design realized by the tag of BANDAI SPIRITS Hobby Division and Toei Animation!
-Masked parts of emperor penguin are divided and reproduced with eye seal and colorful color coding !
-The pirate's mark is reproduced by Kainas Seal !
-The penguin's wings are movable! Comes with a cute tail part reminiscent of a penguin.
-Cute shape reproduction of the emperor penguin's foot parts!
-Display base comes with 2 types for putting and decorating and decorating in flight. Furthermore wave front effect is attached.

- Wing of penguin x 1 type
* Gaon cannon reinforced parts x 1
- Emperor penguin mask parts x 1
Foot parts x 1 type
- Wavefront effect x 1 set
Display base x 2

[Item content]
- Molded articles x 9
Foil seal x 1
Kainus seal x 1
Instruction manual x 1


Thousand Sunny Land of Wano Ver.

-The Straw Hat Pirates have a new outfit and a three-dimensional version of the Wano Country edition Sunny!

-Height approx 360mm. Reproduce the Straw Hat Pirates in Wano Kuni costume with new modeling.
-Gaon gun and paddle can be replaced and reproduced.
-With the Kainas Seal and the water transfer type decal, you can reproduce the damage that was incurred when entering the Wano Country after repairing it.
-Includes Shiromokuba 1, Mini Merry 2, and Shark Submerge 3.
-Dedicated display base included.


* Figure x set
Shiromokuba 1 x 1
Mini Mary 2 x 1
Shark Submerge 3 x 1
Exclusive display base x 1
Foil seal x 1
Marking seal x 1
Water transfer type decal x 1


[One Piece] Grand Ship Collection Oro Jackson

Legendary pirate Gol D. Roger's ship, the Oro Jackson, joins the ONE PIECE Grand Ship Collection! The ship's hull is approximately 130mm in length, and is easy to assemble without the need for tools. Recreate the appearance of navigating through the waves with included water effect pieces. Don't miss out, be sure to order yours today!


  • Display base x 1
  • Wave effect x 1 set


One Piece Grand Ship Collection Thousand Sunny FILM RED Commemorative Color Ver.

A special edition "Thousand Sunny" commemorating the release of the film "ONE PIECE FILM RED" is now available!

Features special metallic red coloring, includes character plates of the Straw Hat crew in their costumes from the movie version, and includes sea surface effects and display base.


  • Display base
  • Wave effect
  • Foil stickers
  • Marking sticker
  • Character plate


One Piece Grand Ship Collection Red Force FILM RED Commemorative Color Ver.

A special edition "Red Force" kit commemorating the release of the film "ONE PIECE FILM RED" is now available!

Features special metallic red coloring, includes character plates of the crew in their outfits from the movie, and includes sea surface effects and display base.


  • Display base
  • Wave effect
  • Foil stickers
  • Marking sticker
  • Character plate


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