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- Adding a luxurious matte texture and overwhelming play value with new weapons, the latest specification Ten Mina that appears in [Princess of the Sky] has arrived.

- The popular [Ten Mina] appears in the latest series [Princess of the Sky].
- The characteristic jet-black armor is expressed in a luxurious matte color.
- In addition to the conversion to [Ten Mina C], which will be the first reproduction in history, it is equipped with a number of new weapons by designer Junichi Akutsu. It is a specification that further increases the play value, such as adding a clear effect.
- In addition, it also supports MSV planning [Alternative Strike], and it is possible to attach striker packs etc. to compatible aircraft.

- Gundam Astray Gold Frame Ten Mina C is three-dimensionalized for the first time by arrangement by mechanic designer Junichi Akutsu.
- Replacement arm parts and waist armor are included, and Gundam Astray Gold Frame Ten Mina can also be reproduced!
- Okitsuno Kagami Heaven's Beam Shield and Trikeros Heaven's Beam Saber effects are included!
- The golden skeleton, which represents the name of the gold frame, creates an overwhelming texture by electroplating the die-cast parts!
- Okitsuno Kagami Heavenly Shield and Trikeros Heavenly Beam Saber are included to reproduce a powerful pose!
- You can attach Totsukanotsurugi on both waists to Trikeros Heaven!
- Separate Totsukanotsurugi from Trikeros Heaven and deploy it as a double-edged sword!
- The back unit Magano Ikutachi is deployed, and dynamic poses are decided!
- Two Okitsuno Kagami Ten can be equipped on both arms respectively!
- Okitsuno Kagami Heaven is connected to a huge spear!
- Comes with an interlocking backpack that allows you to link this machine with the Strike Gundam striker pack and an interlocking backpack for Strike Gundam!

[set content]
? Main body
? Magano Ikutachi
? Two types of replacement left wrists
? 6 types of replacement right wrists
? Replacement right arm
? Replacement waist armor
? Okitsunokagamiten
? Tsumhanotachi
? Trikeros heaven
? Totsukanotsurugi x 2
? Wire unit for Magano Shirahoko x 2
? A set of clear effects
? Weapon joint set
? Backpack joint (for Astray, for strike)
? A set of dedicated pedestals

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The Gundam Devise Exia from "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" is the first entry in the new project from Bandai's "Metal Build" lineup -- "Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Revealed Chronicle"! 

It's equipped with brand-new items designed by "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" mechanical designer Kanetake Ebikawa -- the Proto GN Raster Sword and the GN Devise Backpack. 

These new armaments give the Exia a whole new look! The backpack can be equipped with various parts, sold separately (such as various parts of the Metal Build Gundam Astray High Mobility Test Equipment and the Metal Build Gundam Astray + Proto GN High Mega Launcher), and will be compatible with other GN-drive compatible versions of the Exia. 

Order this spectacular version of the Exia for your own collection today!
  • [Figure Size]: Approximately 18cm tall
  • [Materials]: ABS, PVC, die-cast

[Set Contents]

  • Main figure
  • Replacement antenna (soft)
  • Armed latches for waist replacement (x1 each, left and right)
  • GN Drive
  • Grip for GN sword
  • Parts for GN sword
  • GN shield (x2)
  • GN short blade
  • GN long blade
  • GN beam dagger blade (x2)
  • GN beam saber blade (x2)
  • GN beam saber grip (x2)
  • Rear armor
  • Backpack
  • Proto GN Raster Sword
  • GN condenser
  • Interchangeable hands for backpack (x2)
  • Joints for Astray (x1 each, left and right)
  • Joint parts for display
  • Dedicated base
  • Support
  • Set of auxiliary columns

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Bandai Tamahsii Metal Build Hi-Nu Gundam

- The history of MS in the Universal Century told in the novel [Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack, Beltorchika Children]. [Hi-? Gundam] is now available from the METAL BUILD brand, which is arranged by designers through the hands of creators!

- Hi-? Gundam designed by Yutaka Izubuchi, published in the novel [Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack Bertochika Children] (published in 1988). Commercialized by adding an arrangement design of the METAL BUILD series.

Has both ends of strength and suppleness [Hi-? Gundam]. The distinctive coloring and design form, and the firm strength of MS design by Yutaka Izubuchi are expressed in a precise design arrangement.
- The design of [Hi-? Gundam] was drawn by mechanical designer Yutaka Izubuchi in a frontispiece of a novel. The rifle has a sling belt and the shield has an ink spot camouflage. It is a homage to that image.
- The rifle sling belt is reproduced with a soft material. It is usually used on the shoulder or as an auxiliary to hold it in terms of functionality, but in this product, by making it a flexible shape, it plays a role as a decisive factor when decorating a pose.
- Equipped with a funnel on the back, which is also a feature of this MS. Adopting a gradation color, the rotation of the backpack base allows it to move like a feather.
- The funnel on the back can be removed. When all are removed, a thruster that seems to assist in the discharge of energy is exposed by rotating the base of the backpack. It has an original arrangement.
- The shoulder armor, chest, and front armor are equipped with an open gimmick that exposes the internal mechanism. A precise mechanical mold that reminds us of the internal structure is expressed.
By arranging the mechanism to open the armor, the poses are expanded, the image of the original strength is further strengthened, and the range of production is expanded.
- The saber is equipped in the base of the backpack in addition to the left forearm. Along with the saber storage mechanism, the wide range of movement of the arm makes it possible to produce the moment when the saber is pulled out.
- There is also a gun equipment at the tip of the shield assuming a shooting battle, and the muzzle can be extended by the slide mechanism.
The arrangement unique to METAL BUILD over the whole body is applied not only to the armament but also to the equipment such as the propellant tank in every detail.
- Although it is a size that boasts a considerable size among the MS of the Universal Century, it comes with a pedestal that makes use of the characteristics of the aircraft, a joint arm dedicated to the funnel that reproduces the flight scene of the funnel reminiscent of the battle scene, and a pedestal.

[set content]
? Main body
? Properant tank left and right
? Beam rifle set
? New Hyper Bazooka
? Beam saber for backpack x 2
? Beam saber for left arm
? Beam saber blade 3 types x 2
? Replacement wrist left and right 4 types each
? Fin funnel x 6
? Two types of joints
? A set of pedestals and stanchions
? A set of joints and columns for fins and funnels

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Red Pepper : 1/100 MS-10S Metal Build Sinanju


Please read all the detail and condition before make order. 

Release Date : APR 2022 
Estimate arrival : MAY 2022

- Preorder Price RM750
- Deposit RM200 , Balance RM550.00
- We will inform via WhatApps when item arrive and arrange for the delivery.

  • Red Pepper : MS-10S Metal Build Sinanju
  • Scale : 1/100
  • Metal Build

DEPOSIT: RM200.00 Request Stock

Tamashii Nations Metal Build Freedom Gundam Concept 2

-The strongest Freedom Gundam reborn with a completely different concept has come to METAL BUILD!

-[Mobile Suit Gundam SEED] [Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY] has commercialized new elements in Freedom Gundam\'s structure and appearance, all of which have demonstrated their unrivaled success.

-Wings of freedom to the extreme
In addition to the silhouette of the whole body, each weapon is reproduced with a new gimmick. [Silhouette with dynamism like wings] realized by new mechanism.
The Baraena Plasma Beam Beam Cannon can reproduce [Himat Full Burst], which is similar to the impression in the play, by reviewing the movable axis.

-Wings with overwhelming expressiveness
The wing on the back realizes a dynamic and voluminous silhouette with the front and rear movable axes.

-Super armament that greatly changes the silhouette
For the first time, [wing spread from the center similar to the main part of the anime] and [barrel that does not bend] are realized by an armed deployment structure different from the conventional mechanism.

-Overwhelming movement with new structure
METAL BUILD Strike Freedom Reproduced poses can be reproduced by the movable mechanism fed back from Gundam.

- set content
* Body
* Replacement wrist left and right each 4 types
* Beam rifle
* Beam saber (2 patterns, 1 linked pattern)
Beam saber effect x 2
* Exclusive joint
* Exclusive pedestal

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Metal Build Justice Gundam (Ready Stock)

[set content]
  • Main body
  • Fatum-00
  • Replacement wrist left and right 4 types each
  • Beam rifle
  • Beam saber (2 handles, 1 connecting handle)
  • Beam saber effect x 2
  • Beam boomerang effect x 2
  • shield
  • A set of dedicated joints and columns
  • Dedicated pedestal
  • Replacement antenna
Tamashii Japan has added the Justice Gundam from the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED series to their METAL BUILD figure lineup! Featuring the Fatum-00 unit that gives the Justice Gundam amazing 
presentation while it can be used in various modes.

The Justice Gundam was also presented in a brand new definition, provided with improved proportions and sharper design compare to its anime and GunPla counterparts.

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