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- Adding a luxurious matte texture and overwhelming play value with new weapons, the latest specification Ten Mina that appears in [Princess of the Sky] has arrived.

- The popular [Ten Mina] appears in the latest series [Princess of the Sky].
- The characteristic jet-black armor is expressed in a luxurious matte color.
- In addition to the conversion to [Ten Mina C], which will be the first reproduction in history, it is equipped with a number of new weapons by designer Junichi Akutsu. It is a specification that further increases the play value, such as adding a clear effect.
- In addition, it also supports MSV planning [Alternative Strike], and it is possible to attach striker packs etc. to compatible aircraft.

- Gundam Astray Gold Frame Ten Mina C is three-dimensionalized for the first time by arrangement by mechanic designer Junichi Akutsu.
- Replacement arm parts and waist armor are included, and Gundam Astray Gold Frame Ten Mina can also be reproduced!
- Okitsuno Kagami Heaven's Beam Shield and Trikeros Heaven's Beam Saber effects are included!
- The golden skeleton, which represents the name of the gold frame, creates an overwhelming texture by electroplating the die-cast parts!
- Okitsuno Kagami Heavenly Shield and Trikeros Heavenly Beam Saber are included to reproduce a powerful pose!
- You can attach Totsukanotsurugi on both waists to Trikeros Heaven!
- Separate Totsukanotsurugi from Trikeros Heaven and deploy it as a double-edged sword!
- The back unit Magano Ikutachi is deployed, and dynamic poses are decided!
- Two Okitsuno Kagami Ten can be equipped on both arms respectively!
- Okitsuno Kagami Heaven is connected to a huge spear!
- Comes with an interlocking backpack that allows you to link this machine with the Strike Gundam striker pack and an interlocking backpack for Strike Gundam!

[set content]
? Main body
? Magano Ikutachi
? Two types of replacement left wrists
? 6 types of replacement right wrists
? Replacement right arm
? Replacement waist armor
? Okitsunokagamiten
? Tsumhanotachi
? Trikeros heaven
? Totsukanotsurugi x 2
? Wire unit for Magano Shirahoko x 2
? A set of clear effects
? Weapon joint set
? Backpack joint (for Astray, for strike)
? A set of dedicated pedestals

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 products