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[093] HGUC 1/144 FA-93 Nu Gundam HWS

The Nu Gundam Heavy Weapons System, from the CCA-MSV series of alternate versions of Mobile Suits from the film 'Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack', joins the HGUC lineup. Heavy Weapons System includes: additional armor for the Nu Gundam (chest, front and rear skirts, and large leg thruster units), a Hyper Mega Rifle, and a large shield with rocket launchers. Missile pod units on the chest armor pivot up and down. Fin Funnel unit can be disassembled into individual folding plates. Heavy Weapon System can be removed for display as a standard Nu Gundam. It includes Hyper Mega Rifle, large shield, beam rifle, Hyper Bazooka, normal shield, 2 beam sabers, and 6 Fin-Funnel plates.

According to wikipedia
The FA-93HWS ν Gundam Heavy Weapons System Type is a mobile suit featured in the original design series Char's Counterattack: Mobile Suit Variations.

Anaheim Electronics planned to improve the newtype use RX-93 ν Gundam by equipping it with the F.S.W.S (Full-armor System and Weapon System), which included removable chobham armor to increase its protection and includes two shoulder missile pods that flank either side of the head. The ν Gundam's shield also replaced by a larger shield with built-in thrusters, to counter the Heavy Weapon System's increased mass. The heavy beam rifle also increased the firepower of ν Gundam. However, the Heavy Weapon System plan was never completed due to ν Gundam's rushed deployment and eventual MIA status. It should be noted that the missile launcher components of the Full Armor are improved versions of the ZZ Gundam's missile launchers.

  • 60mm Vulcan gun
  • Beam saber
  • Large beam saber
  • Beam rifle
  • Hyper bazooka
  • Hyper Mega Rifle - A beam rifle said to possess a power rating high enough to destroy anything at maximum output, it is the most powerful beam-type weapon of the suit. This weapon also supported ultra-long-range sniping and featured a bipod for precision firing. A sensor built into the rifle adjusts the power output according to the target's distance, and could be manually controlled via the mobile suit's psycoframe system. Its power output rivaled that of the main cannons of UC battleships. To improve accuracy, it was partly controlled by newtype psycommu waves.
  • High Mega Shield (Armor) - A variation of the RX-93's shield, it is thicker for solid-weapon endurance and can equip a ballistic missile launcher that detonates with enough destructive power to erase a number of suits when it makes contact with any surface. Due to its slow movement speed it is preferable to use it at point-blank range to inflict enormous damage without missing the target. Other than that, the shield has two fixed beam cannons, with power output rivaling that of the ZZ Gundam's High Mega Cannon.
  • Beam cannon
  • Missle launcher
  • Small missle
  • Shoulder Missile Launchers - An improved version of the multi use launchers that were widely used in the Gryps Conflict, the Missile Launchers mounted on the shoulders of the H.W.S. can use a wide variety of munitions, which included the Psycommu Grenade. Apparently, it is linked to the later development of a weapon called the "Funnel Missile".
  • Fin Funnels - Considered one of the most deadly weapons in UC history, the funnels were individual remote weapons that could fly off and attack from receiving the psycommu waves of the pilot. Fin funnels were funnels equipped with their own generator, which greatly increased their capabilities. They needed less frequent charging, and were able to generate a fin funnel barrier, a defensive field, around friendly units.

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[095] HGUC 1/144 RX-93 Hi-v Gundam

A 1/144 model of Izubuchi's mid 2000s Hi-Nu Gundam rendition featuring slimmer proportion and modern design aesthetic. From the novel, "Char's Counter Attack Beltorchika Children," the Hi-Nu possesses a large number of differences from the Nu Gundam including its bright blue coloring and differing weapon mount configuration. 

- 6 detachable funnels
- Beam rifle
- Hyper bazooka
- Beam saber


[097] HGUC 1/144 Jegan

 Mass produced mobile suit used by the EFSF in Char's counterattack. Comes equiped with beam rifle, shield with integrated missiles, and beam saber.

- Accessories: Beam Rifle × 1, shield × 1, beam saber × 1 Item Size/Weight : 31 x 19 x 7.3 cm / 292g 


[086] HGUC 1/144 RX-93 Nu Gundam

  • Item Size/Weight : 31 x 20 x 9.3 cm
  • Weight: 552g
  • Accessories: beam rifle, shield, New Hyper Bazooka, Beam Saber
  • Comes with installation manual + snap & fit.
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[091] HGUC 1/144 Geara Doga

[091] HGUC 1/144 Geara Doga


[092] HGUC 1/144 Geara Doga (Rezin Schnyder Use)

The AMS-119 Geara Doga is a mass-production general-purpose mobile suit, it is first featured in the anime movie Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack, the design was later updated and featured in the Novel/OVA Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. The unit is piloted by Rezin Schnyder and Layla Lagiorr.

The AMS-119 Geara Doga is a general purpose mobile suit with technology and design features descended from the old MS-06F Zaku II mobile suit. Since the resources of Char's Neo Zeon are limited, the Geara Doga was not a particularly high-performing mobile suit when compared to the machines that Haman Karn's Neo Zeon produced during the First Neo Zeon War only four years earlier; however, they were well in line with the style of mobile suit design of the day. Although it wasn’t really a high-performance suit it was enough for most soldiers, easy to mass-produce and thanks to its wide variety of weapons it could be a threat for the Earth Federation's own mass-produced suit, the RGM-89 Jegan.

The Geara Doga features a wide variety of weapons to cope with different combat situations. Its only fixed armaments are a beam sword-axe for close combat and an electric wire. It can also be equipped with a shield with four grenade launchers and two different types of beam machine guns, each mounting additional weaponry. The Geara Doga is fitted with old Zeonic-style large mono-eye head sensors that are able to detect targets at a longer range and thus make a faster offensive, however, when within combat range, the sensor's performance becomes limited in terms of target-tracking. With its versatility, maneuverability, and maintainability, the Geara Doga combines all the necessary factors as a practical weapon while earning the trust of mechanics and pilots in the field.


[384] SDBB Hi-Nu Gundam

Cute small version of the hi nu gundam reproduced in elegant super deformed appearance features switchable Eye part's beam rifle hyper bazooka, 2 removable funnels with shooting effect part, beam saber and also display stand.


MG 1/100 Geara Doga

  • From Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack comes the flagship MS or the second Neo Zeon War: The Geara Doga! 
  • Successor to Zeon's ubiquitous Zaku series, the Geara Doga is reproduced as a detail-oriented Master Grade kit. Utilizing the most current MG technology, the kit has a high degree of mobility given its size, movable mono-eye, and uses varying materials to replicate different elements of the suit, such as the power piping. 
  • One of the most massive MGs- incredibly wide, and almost 8” tall! 
  • Head crest can be swapped out for a Command-type Suit or Grunt-type Suit. 
  • Power piping, such as at the shin and joints, is reproduced in a soft material for easy assembly. 
  • Mono Eye is movable from side to side, and head can be equipped with a Gundam LED (sold separately)
  • Accessories: Shield, Sturm Faust x4, Beam Machine Gun (2 Types),
  • Beam Saber, Beam Effects (3 Types), Beam Axe

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MG 1/100 MSN-04 Sazabi Ver.Ka

  • A year after the launching of MG ?Gundam Ver.Ka, the rival mobile suit Sazabi Ver.Ka is rolling out. 
  • New materials are adopted for silver frames. Texture of metal can be got without paint. 
  • The hatches of the funnel containers on the back are openable. 6 funnels are removable. The covers of Apogee Motors open in four directions. 
  • Includes original markings designed by Katoki Hajime. 
  • Besides a beam shot rifle, a shield, a beam tomahawk and a beam saber, a long rifle which is the first plastic model of the long rifle that was drawn on the image board at the beginning is included. 
  • The mono-eye on the head can be luminescent when the LED Unit Green, which is sold separately, is installed. 
  • Hand parts with "Emotion Manipulator SP" are included. All of the finger joints are movable. Even the thumbs base joints can be moved easily. 
  • Runner x31, Sticker x3, Instruction manual x1

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MG 1/100 RX-93 Nu Gundam Ver.Ka Titanium Finish

  • Bandai really challenged itself with this kit- just one year after releasing the MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam Ver.Ka, they -  ve translated the classic v Gundam into a Ver.Ka!
  • Three years before the Unicorn Gundam tested its mettle against the Sinanju, the v Gundam, piloted by Amuro Ray, dueled Char -  s mighty Sazabi! Realized as a highly detailed kit, this v Gundam was redesigned by Mr. Hajime Katoki, and features a streamlined, powerful shape, transforming Psycho Frame, fully jointed manipulators and a full set of marking decals- expect this to be a beautiful kit! 
  • Moulded with a special -  titanium coating -   to make this Suit stand out! 
  • Accessories: Beam Rifle, Shield, Beam Saber (large), Beam Saber (small),
  • Fin Funnel x6
  • Item Size/Weight : 39 x 31 x 12 cm / 1240g

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[Daban] 6619 MG 1/100 RX-93 Nu Gundam Ver.Ka

[DABAN] MG 1/100 RX-93 Nu Gundam Ver.Ka

Series: Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counter Attack
Manufacturer: Daban

Please note that this is not Bandai product

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Event Limited RG 1/144 Nu Gundam / v Gundam [Clear Color]

Event Limited RG 1/144 Nu Gundam / v Gundam [Clear Color]

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Daban 6635 MG 1/100 Hi-Nu Hi-v Hi Nu Hi v Gundam Ver.Ka.

Daban MG 1/100 Hi-Nu Hi-v Hi Nu Hi v Gundam Ver.Ka.

Brand : Daban
Scale : 1/100

Please note that this is not Bandai Product

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ENTRY GRADE 1/144 ν Gundam Nu Gundam

  • Bandai Spirits announces the release of another Amuro Ray mobile suit in their Entry Grade model kit series!
  • The RX-93 nu Gundam from the Mobile Suit Gundam Char Counterattack joins the Entry Grade GunPla lineup. Just like any other EG kits, it is treated with great amount of color separation that pays respect to its original design without the need to paint the model.
  • The kit also offers amazing articulation that defines the model\'s aesthetics to its potential.
  • The kit is also completed with nu Gundam\'s beam rifle, shield, and beam saber.
  • Even though the kit didnt come with its fin-funnel equipment, Bandai Spirits has made it compatible with the already existing HGUC 1/144 RX-93 nu Gundam\'s fin funnel!
  • Its backpack can also holster its bazooka.


Daban 8823 MG 1/100 MSN-03 Jagd Doga [Quess Paraya Custom]

MSN-03 Jagd Doga is a Newtype-use mobile suit featured in Mobile Suit Gundam: Char\'s Counterattack. It is piloted by Quess Paraya and Quess Paraya. The Sleeve-customized version is piloted by Zechst Ade as seen on Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn: The Noble Shroud manga.

Daban Model is one of the bootleg Gunpla manufacturers who released the copy Master Grade MSN-03 Jagd Doga [Quess Paraya Custom]. This is a copy of the RE:100  Jagd Doga which was originally released by Bandai with a few additional modifications. 


  • Body Unit
  • Beam Saber
  • Funnel Pod Shield
  • Fixed Shield
  • Beam Assault Rifle
  • Beam Machine Gun
  • Shield
  • Water Decal
Please note that this is not Bandai products

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Gundam Universe MSN-04 Sazabi

This is a P-O Product

Please read all the detail and condition before make order. 
Second Release : MAY 2022 
Estimate arrival : JUN 2022

- P-O Price RM180.00 
- Deposit RM50, Balance RM130.00 
- We will inform to make balance RM 130.00 + shipping when stock arrived thru email and Whatapps.
- Deposit payment should be make via credit card or bank transfer. 
- Deposit payment are non-refundable. 

Important Note :
This item is under allocation. There is risk/possibility that our stock might not be fulfilled by the manufacturer. Only preorder this at your own discretion. However, if your preorder is not fulfilled, we shall refund in full amount of deposit paid back to you.


-The largest volume in the GUNDAM UNIVERSE series! [Sazabi] with a total height of about 6 inches is now available!

-From [Mobile Suit Gundam Char\'s Counterattack], a red-only machine on which [Char\'s General] gets in! [Sazabi] I\'m going! [Sazabi] Start!

--The largest volume in the GUNDAM UNIVERSE series, from [Mobile Suit Gundam Char\'s Counterattack], a new lineup of red MS [Sazabi] on which General Neo Zeon [Char Aznable] gets in!
-As with the previous series, please pay attention to the improved design. Equipped on the right hand is the [Sazabi] main armed beam shot rifle. Char\'s personal mark is printed on the skirt.
-A powerful back shot that you are familiar with in the play. The thruster nozzle in the armor is also reproduced. The 6 funnels can be removed from the container.
--The large Beam Tomahawk is also one of the representative weapons of [Sazabi]. It is colored with metallic color and has a luxurious texture.
--If you combine it with the separately sold [GUNDAM UNIVERSE RX-93 ?GUNDAM], you can reproduce the last battle in the play! Please feel the difference in volume between [? Gundam] and [Sazabi] from the image.

[set content]
? Main body
? Beam shot rifle
? Beam Tomahawk
? Replacement right wrist

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Metal Build Hi-Nu Gundam

This is a P-O Product

Please read all the detail and condition before make order. 
Second Release : JUN 2022 
Estimate arrival : JULY 2022

- P-O Price RM1600.00 
- Deposit RM500, Balance RM 1100.00 
- We will inform to make balance RM 1100.00 + shipping when stock arrived thru email and Whatapps
- Deposit payment should be make via credit card or bank transfer. 
- Deposit payment are non-refundable. 

Important Note :
This item is under allocation. There is risk/possibility that our stock might not be fulfilled by the manufacturer. Only preorder this at your own discretion. However, if your preorder is not fulfilled, we shall refund in full amount of deposit paid back to you.


- The history of MS in the Universal Century told in the novel [Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack, Beltorchika Children]. [Hi-? Gundam] is now available from the METAL BUILD brand, which is arranged by designers through the hands of creators!

- Hi-? Gundam designed by Yutaka Izubuchi, published in the novel [Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack Bertochika Children] (published in 1988). Commercialized by adding an arrangement design of the METAL BUILD series.

Has both ends of strength and suppleness [Hi-? Gundam]. The distinctive coloring and design form, and the firm strength of MS design by Yutaka Izubuchi are expressed in a precise design arrangement.
- The design of [Hi-? Gundam] was drawn by mechanical designer Yutaka Izubuchi in a frontispiece of a novel. The rifle has a sling belt and the shield has an ink spot camouflage. It is a homage to that image.
- The rifle sling belt is reproduced with a soft material. It is usually used on the shoulder or as an auxiliary to hold it in terms of functionality, but in this product, by making it a flexible shape, it plays a role as a decisive factor when decorating a pose.
- Equipped with a funnel on the back, which is also a feature of this MS. Adopting a gradation color, the rotation of the backpack base allows it to move like a feather.
- The funnel on the back can be removed. When all are removed, a thruster that seems to assist in the discharge of energy is exposed by rotating the base of the backpack. It has an original arrangement.
- The shoulder armor, chest, and front armor are equipped with an open gimmick that exposes the internal mechanism. A precise mechanical mold that reminds us of the internal structure is expressed.
By arranging the mechanism to open the armor, the poses are expanded, the image of the original strength is further strengthened, and the range of production is expanded.
- The saber is equipped in the base of the backpack in addition to the left forearm. Along with the saber storage mechanism, the wide range of movement of the arm makes it possible to produce the moment when the saber is pulled out.
- There is also a gun equipment at the tip of the shield assuming a shooting battle, and the muzzle can be extended by the slide mechanism.
The arrangement unique to METAL BUILD over the whole body is applied not only to the armament but also to the equipment such as the propellant tank in every detail.
- Although it is a size that boasts a considerable size among the MS of the Universal Century, it comes with a pedestal that makes use of the characteristics of the aircraft, a joint arm dedicated to the funnel that reproduces the flight scene of the funnel reminiscent of the battle scene, and a pedestal.

[set content]
? Main body
? Properant tank left and right
? Beam rifle set
? New Hyper Bazooka
? Beam saber for backpack x 2
? Beam saber for left arm
? Beam saber blade 3 types x 2
? Replacement wrist left and right 4 types each
? Fin funnel x 6
? Two types of joints
? A set of pedestals and stanchions
? A set of joints and columns for fins and funnels

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RE/100 MSN-04II Nightingale

  • A new category "Reborn-One Hundred" is born in Gunpla. Extremely detailed appearance and accomplished parts components. 
  • The first model from the category is Nightingale. The rear parts such as the huge skirt, propellant tanks and various vernier nozzles are recreated with precise design. 
  • Its fine design is equivalent to the quality of Master Grade's one. Studies of settings make persuasive details. 
  • The compilation of technique that Bandai has fostered, such as "frameless" and "wedge gates", reduces the time for assembling the kit. Ease of creation increases your motivation. 
  • Runner x32, Tetron sticker x1, Instruction manual x1


P-Bandai Exclusive: MG 1/100 RX-93 Nu Gundam Ver.Ka HWS

The set contains: Chest armor unit / front armor armor unit / leg armor and thruster unit / shoulder missile launcher /Hyper-Mega-Shield / Hyper-Mega-rifle / "Ver.Ka" water transfer decal
This is pre-painted plastic model kits and require snap-fit assembly only.


MG 1/100 RGZ-91 Re-GZ

MG 1/100 RGZ-91 Re-GZ

The Master Grade Version of the Re-GZ released on the Year 2001. Comes with Shield x 1, Rifle x 1,Beam Saber x 2. The has got the Back Weapon System, which the Model Kit can turn into Wave Rider Mode.
Comes with 21 x Runners, 1 x Foil Sticker, 1 x Decal Sticker, 1 x Dry Transfer and 1 Instruction Manual. Weights 806gram.



- CS frame is excluded and have to purchase separately. 

SD Gundam Cross Silhouette (SDCS) is a line of Super Deformed Gunpla kits of the Mobile Suits from the Gundam metaseries. Introduced in June 2018, this series features inner frame technology, similar to Real Grade and Master Grade kits but on a smaller scale. Each kit's parts can be attached to either an 8.5 cm "SD" Frame, which features proportions inspired by Super Gachapon World: SD Gundam X, or a taller 9.5 cm "CS" frame with proportions inspired by SD Gundam G Generation Genesis.


[029] RG 1/144 MSN-04 Sazabi

RG 1/144 MSN-04 Sazabi

  • Experience the RG Sazabi with the largest gimmick of 1/144 scale history.
  • Red comet [Chia . Aznable] dedicated machine appearing in [Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counter Attack] is made into RG.
  • Various movable gimmicks that can reproduce the posing in the play as well as the mechanism on the airframe setting, and condensed on the 1/144 scale up to the original gimmick by a real machine verification unique to RG!
  • Faithfully reproduce the aircraft, such as arms of arms, funnels etc., based on the sense of setting in the play.
  • Pursue more realism by actual machine verification. A deployment mechanism is installed in the propulsion section of verniers and backpacks.
  • In addition to abundant hand parts, arming that symbolizes Sotheby is attached. Due to various hand parts and high range of motion, both hand holding poses etc. can be reproduced.

  • Beam shot - Rifle x 1
  • Beam - Tomahawk x 1
  • Beam - saber x 2
  • Shield x 1
  • Funnel x 6
  • Missile x 1

[Product content]
  • Molded article x 17
  • Realistic decal x 1
  • Instruction manual x 1


MG 1/100 RX-93 Nu Gundam (Metallic Coating Version)

Special metallic chromed finish version of the MG Nu Gudam. Amuro's custom made Gundam from the movie "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack" joins the MG lineup. All-new assembly system allows certain parts to be detached and re-attached. New poly caps allow for enhanced possibility. 

- Beam rifle
- Beam saber x 2
- Shield
- Hyper bazooka
- Funnel system.


RE/100 Gyunei Guss's Jagd Doga


-- Yakuto Dauga (GUNEY · GAS MACHINE) appearing in [Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack] is three-dimensionalized at 1/100 scale!

- Reproduce the characteristic design with the proportion of the RE/ 100 format, realizing modeling comparable to the MG series.
- While proportioning images in the play, proportions have added detailed details to increase the sense of density.
- All sub-thruster funnels are removable separately. Also equipped with funnel deployment gimmick.
- Color coding of the red part (shield part, subslusters, inner side of various verniers) is reproduced only by assembling it.
- Clear struts that can display all 6 funnels in the deployed state are included.

- Beam · Assault Rifle x 1
- Beam saber x 1
- Funnel x 6
- Shield x1
- Funnel display arm x 6

[Product content]
- Molded article x16
- Marking seal x1
- Foil seal x1
- Instruction manual x1


P-Bandai: RE/100 Jagd Doga [Quess Paraya]

P-Bandai: RE/100 Jagd Doga [Quess Paraya] 


[032] RG 1/144 V Gundam / Nu Gundam

Amuro lay boarding aircraft appeared in [Shizua of Mobile Suit Gundam counterattack] lineup in RG!

-Various gimmicks to reproduce the setting mechanism and the poses in the play, and the original gimmicks based on real machine test results are condensed to 1/144 scale.
-With precise parts configuration, it creates both 1 / 1s image and enjoys both fun and decorating.
-Gundam's distinctive coloring is reproduced in molded color. The white body uses three light gray molded colors to increase information density.
-Joints are built into the shoulders and abdomen, and can move flexibly. It enables twisting and shoulder extrusion, resulting in more dynamic posing.
-Armor on the shoulder has a built-in mechanism that expands in tandem with the internal joint. By expanding the range of motion of the shoulder, reduce the interference between parts that occur in posing etc. holding an arm.
-The lumbar joint moves finely for each block, expanding the movable range of the leg. The knee can be pushed forward widely, and a powerful pose with a wide stance can be produced even at 1/144 scale.
-The legs are equipped with [Multilink Gimmick] where the armor slides in conjunction with the movement of each joint. Poses with large knees are also reproduced naturally.

Beam  rifle x 1
Fin *  Funnel x 6
New hyper bazooka x 1
* Shield (Beam *  Canon) x 1
* Beam saber (backpack part, arm part) x 1 each
Missile x 1 type

[Item content]
Molded articles x 13
Realistic decal x 1
* Instruction manual x 1


RG 1/144 Nu Gundam (v Gundam) with Fin Funnel Effect Set

Bandai Spirits will be releasing a Real Grade nu Gundam that comes with figure-rise jet effect parts for the fin funnels and a clear action base 4 to display the finished model. All six fin funnels can be displayed with the help of its mounts with jet effect parts attached.

-[RG 1/144 ? Gundam], Action Base 4 Clear x 1, Figure-rise Effect Jet Effect (Clear Yellow) x 2 set.
-Display all 6 included fin funnels with effects!
-Can also be used with [RG 1/144 Sazabi] (sold separately).

Beam Rifle
Fin Funnel x6
Nu Hyper Bazooka
Shield (Beam Cannon)
Beam Saber (backpack and arm) x 1 each
Missile x 1
Figure-rise jet effect parts
Action Base 4 (clear)


Tamashii Nations Gundam Universe RX-93 Nu Gundam

Piloted by Amuro Ray in "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack," the distinctive ? (Nu) Gundam joins the GUNDAM UNIVERSE series! The unique Fin-Funnel system is detachable, constructed from individual funnel units that can be displayed on their own.

Box Contents :
Main body
- Optional pair of hands,
- Fin Funnel
- Beam Saber
- Tamashii Stage Joint


[036] RG 1/144 Hi-ν Gundam Hi-Nu Gundam

  • Hi-? Gundam that appears in "Mobile Suit Gundam Char's Counterattack Beltorchika Children" has appeared in RG in pursuit of new interpretation of detail expression and reality!
  • Equipped with a multi-link gimmick that slides the armor in conjunction with the movement of each joint. The armor of each part can be slid to expose the mechanical internal frame.

  • Beam rifle x 1
  • New Hyper Bazooka x 1
  • Shield x 1
  • Beam saber (handle x 3, beam blade x 2)
  • Hand parts (left and right) x 3 types each
  • Weapon holder (Right) x 1 type
  • Realistic decal x 1


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