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[Super Robot Wars] HG Alteisen Alto Eisen

- From the Super Robot Wars OG series, Alto Eisen is three-dimensionalized in the HG series!
- The cylinder of the revolving stake mounted on the right arm is equipped with a rotatable function. 
- By deploying both shoulder armor, it is possible to reproduce the state just before the launch of Square Claymore.
- A pedestal for the display is included.

  • Display base
  • Sticker x 1

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[Super Robot Wars] HG Gespenst

-From [Super Robot Taisen OG], the original personal trooper [Gespenst] is now available in the HG series!

-Equipped with movable gimmicks on the arms, hip joints, and front armor. The range of movement has been expanded, allowing for bold poses of the image in the play.
-The slide gimmick on the abdomen allows the internal parts to move left and right so that no gaps can be seen.
-In addition to the [Slash Ripper] that reproduces the effect with a PET sheet, a wealth of weapons such as [Neutron Beam] and [Plasma Cutter] are included.
-By using joint parts, split missiles and slash ripper can be attached to and detached from the stabilizer.
-A pedestal for the display is included.

? Hand parts x 1 set
? Neutron beam x 1
? Split missile x 1 set
? Plasma cutter effect x 1 set
? Slash ripper effect PET sheet x 1 set
? Display base x 1 set
? Seal x 1

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[Super Robot Wars] HG Huckebein Mk-II

The personal trooper Huckebein Mk-II from "Super Robot Wars OG," which was developed as a successor to the Huckebein, now joins the HG model-kit series from Bandai, loaded with abundant weapons! Movable gimmicks built into various places produce dynamic action; gimmicks mounted on the chest, abdomen and waist allow the waist to be twisted. The "Chakram Shooter" can be attached to the left arm, and attaching a lead wire to the chakram allows you to reproduce the wired injection state. Convincing action poses are possible thanks to a joint mechanism that's concious of the grounding of the legs, too! The massive "G Impact Cannon" can be deployed with various gimmicks and joints at the robot's waist, and the Photon Rifle and Beam Sword are also included. This battle-ready robot is just what your collection needs -- place your order today!


- Hand parts (x1 set)
- Chakram Shooter
- Replacement chakram
- Beam Sword (x2)
- G Impact Cannon
- Photon Rifle
- Stickers
- Lead wire
- Display base

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PO PriceRM165.00

HG HUCKEBEIN Mk-III (Super Robot Wars)


Please read all the detail and condition before make order. 

Release Date : JAN 2024 
Estimate arrival : FEB 2024 

- Preorder Price RM165
- Deposit RM30, Balance RM135
- We will inform to make balance RM135 + shipping when stock arrived thru email and Whatapps.
- Deposit payment should be make via credit card or bank transfer. 
- Deposit payment are non-refundable. 


From the "Super Robot Wars OG" series, the long-awaited Huckebein Mk-III is here! With a wide range of articulation and an array of equipped weaponry, recreate dynamic poses reminiscent of the series.

Comes with armaments like the Graviton Rifle and Photon Rifle, along with interchangeable hand parts and a display base.

The grip of the Beam Sword can be attached to the rear skirt.

The Photon Rifle can be mounted on the rear waist.

The Fang Slasher can be detached from the left arm and displayed in its extended form.

The Multi-Trace Missile includes opening hatches on the containers and the ability to attach/detach from the back platform.

Enjoy dynamic action poses with its wide range of articulation. Move the waist with articulation gimmicks installed in the neck, chest, and abdomen.


- Graviton Rifle x1
- Photon Rifle x1
- Fang Slasher x1
- Multi-Trace Missile set x1
- Beam Sword x2
- Hand Parts x1 set
- Display Base x1
- Stickers x1

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[Super Robot Wars] HG DyGenGuar

The DyGenGuar, which boasts a deep-rooted popularity from its appearances in the "Super Robot Wars OG" series, now joins the HG model-kit lineup from Bandai, in an anime-style design is courtesy of Masami Obari! Two types of its sword, the Sanshiki Zankanto, are included -- normal and unfolded. Its various special moves like the Dynamic Knuckle and General Blaster can be expressed with powerful poses! The model is molded in different colors, so you can get a great result just by assembling it. The back expanded and the thruster can be exposed; various hand parts and a display base are included too. Order this mighty fighting mech for your own collection today!


Sanshiki Zankanto (normal)
Sanshiki Zankanto (deployed)
Hand parts
Display base


[Super Robot Wars] HG Cybaster

Super Robot Wars 30th Anniversary! Hobby Division participates in Super Robot Wars OG! The first is the commercialization of the popular Cybuster!

?? Range of motion that enables poses with a high degree of freedom.
?? Cybird form can be reproduced by rearranging parts. A pedestal that enables display in cyberd form is also included.
?? Two Discutter and Hi Famiglia are included, and two pedestals for Hi Famiglia are also included.

?? Discutter x 1
?? High Famiglia x 2
?? Hand parts x 1 set
?? High Famiglia pedestal x 2
?? Main body pedestal x 1
?? Seal x 1


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