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[PACIFIC RIM] Obsidian Fury (HG)

The Jaeger shrouded in mystery from the new movie "Pacific rim uprising", obsidian Fury, is available in the Bandai HG line-up! Obsidian fury's sleek design has been faithfully recreated. Clear parts and multi-dimensional textures are used in the head to mimic obsidian fury's appearance in the movie. Showcasing a wide range of articulation and its iconic "twin plasma chainsaws" on both of its arms, you can create several dynamic poses and scenes! Obsidian fury's weapons include interchangeable parts to allow you to construct the "twin plasma chainsaws". 

Twin plasma chainsaws x1
Runner x5
Marking sticker sheet x1
Foil sticker sheet x1
Instruction manual x1


[PACIFIC RIM] Gipsy Avenger (HG)

2nd Issue

- Release date : August 2018
- Estimate delivery : Oct 2018
  • Pacific Rim: UP Rising Major Gips Gypsy Avenger Commercializes with HG Series Plastic Model
  • Accessory: Parts for reproducing the gravity swing firing form x 1, Parts for reproducing the plasma caster firing form x 1, Chain sword 2.0 Equipment Reproduction part x 1


[PACIFIC RIM] Bracer Phoenix (HG)

Being released to fight alongside the Gipsy Avenger is another hero in the new Jaeger fleet, Bracer Phoenix! Making its debut for the first time in the HG series, Bracer Phoenix will have multiple points of articulation and weapon parts! Bracer Phoenix's Vortex cannon can be recreated to show off her firing mode! Alternate parts are included in this set and feature interchangeable chest pieces to build out the Vortex Cannon. An added Scrapper is also included.

- Vortex Cannon  x 1
- Scrapper x 1 = 6 inches (15.24cm)
- 4 Runners


[PACIFIC RIM] HG Gipsy Avenger (Final Battle Specification)

Revisit the final battles of Pacific Rim: Uprising with this new Gipsy Avenger model kit that features the experimental Thruster Pods that allowed it to reach the battlefield in time. In addition to the backpack, new molded parts are included to equip its arms with Twin Plasma Chainsaws as well as a display stand.  As a bonus, 2 different versions of Scrapper are included to replicate scenes in the finale. 

Product Features:
- Around 6 inches (15.24cm)
- Features the experimental Thruster Pods
- New molded parts are included to equip its arms with Twin Plasma Chainsaws

Box Contents:
- 8 Runners
- 2 Scrappers
- Gravity sling
- Plasma caster
- Chain sword
- Stickers
- 2 Plasma Chainsaws


Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products